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India – Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi

Sanchi, a quaint Buddhist complex, is famous for having one of India’s most important historical structures, the Sanchi Stupa. Located towards the northeast, it is about 46 km away from the capital city Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Enlisted as the UNESCO World Heritage site since 1989, the Sanchi Stupa is considered as the best preserved ancient stupa in Central India. A stupa is an important Buddhist monument, which is usually a huge semi-hemispherical dome with a parasol or chatra on the top. Its purpose is to house and honour relics of Gautama Buddha. The basic format of a stupa underwent many changes, as it was introduced in different cultures and therefore a stupa is known as a dagoba in Sri Lanka, zedi in Myanmar and pagoda in China, according to different shapes and structures.

History Of Sanchi Stupa.

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