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On the Ponniyin Trail: Here are the five places that tread the path of the Cholas in Sri Lanka; Meenakshi J; New Indian Express

Photo: New Indian Express

Filmmaker Mani Ratnam’s Ponniyin Selvan I or PS1 brings to life Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka’s stupas, lush forests and lotus-filled ponds.

Source: On the Ponniyin Trail: Here are the five places that tread the path of the Cholas in Sri Lanka

Visit vibrant and diverse Sri Lanka; Daitranvan; Viet Reader

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For Sri Lanka’s National Day (February 4), Viet Nam News introduces a message from the embassy. When you need less than a day to travel from one end to the other, and yet you can dabble in at least 25 different activities, you know you’ve come to the right place. When you have a past so mighty yet so exciting, with the most vibrant culture that makes falling in love with it as easy as riding a bike; when you can drive into an ocean full of life, catch the freshness spraying from a waterfall hitting the rocks, and hear the birds singing as they build their homes; when every day is a summer romance with sunrise breakfasts and idyllic road trips straight out of a movie; when you can wake up with elephants, play hide and seek with leopards and close your eyes under a sky full of stars; when you can smell fragrant spices cooking in different combinations from every household with age-old treasured recipes; when you feel like everyone around you is family and you’ve run out of words to express how you feel deep inside, and your heart races and warms at the same time- you just know you’ve fallen in love with it all: you know that you have indefinitely fallen for Sri Lanka!

Source: Visit vibrant and diverse Sri Lanka

US to fund conservation of Royal Palace and Archaeology Museum in Kandy; Colombo Gazette

Photo: Colombo Gazette

The United States Government, through the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP), has awarded a grant to conserve a 17th century Royal Palace and Archaeology Museum in Kandy. Funding for the project totals over 52 million Sri Lankan rupees ($265,000).   Since 2001, AFCP has funded 14 projects in Sri Lanka, including the conservation of the Rajagala Buddhist forest monastery, the preservation of Buddhist, Hindu, and other collections in the Anuradhapura Archaeological Museum, the restoration of the Batticaloa Dutch Fort, and the preservation of the intangible heritage of ritual music and dance forms of the Adivasi, Tamil, and Buddhist communities.

Source: US to fund conservation of Royal Palace and Archaeology Museum in Kandy

The World Heritage Sites Of Sri Lanka; Everyman; The Island

Photo: The Island

It was on July 31, 2010 that UNESCO inscribed The Central Highlands of Sri Lanka comprising Horton Plains, Knuckles Conservation Forest and the Peak Wilderness- Protected Area, as a World Heritage Site. In fact this site was one of the two which were classified by UNESCO as ‘Natural Sites’ the other being Sinharaja Forest Reserve(1988).


The Old Town Of Galle And Fortifications; Everyman; Sunday Island

Photo source: Sunday Island

Volleyball it is claimed is Sri Lanka national sport. However there is no doubt that Cricket is the most popular sport in Sri Lanka .That popular West Indies calypso ‘Cricket, lovely cricket.’,’ will always be ringing in the ears. From the villages where youngsters from around 16 to 26 or maybe even older, use ‘polpithi’ bats, to the towns where more sophisticated young men use willow bats.

Source: The Old Town Of Galle And Fortifications

Saving Sinharaja: Many Layers of Protection But Threats Continue; Tharuka Dissanaike; Ground Views

Photo credit: Rukshan Kuru-Utumpala

Photo courtesy of Rukshan Kuru-Utumpala Sinharaja’s conservation status is of “significant concern”. According to the World Heritage Outlook, published by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Sinharaja has been assessed in 2020 as a World Heritage Site with significant concern to its conservation status and future viability.

Source: Saving Sinharaja: Many Layers of Protection But Threats Continue

Sinharaja: Mother Nature’s precious gift; HP Gunawardena & HMPR Wijebandara; Daily News

The fact that Sinharaja forest reserve is a precious gift to us from the nature is nothing new. It is an evergreen tropical forest located in the Wet Zone of the country, stretching across the Districts of Galle, Matara and Ratnapura with an extent of approximately 1,185 hectares.

Source: Sinharaja: Mother Nature’s precious gift | Daily News