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The world’s best new trips for 2023; Wanderlust

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From indigenous experiences in Canada and historic European tours, to Everest Base Camp treks and Polar sailing adventures, there’s truly something for everyone…

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Spain pledges 350M euros to save Doñana wetlands; Joseph Wilson; AP

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Spain’s government pledged to invest 350 million euros ($368 million) in the country’s Doñana wetlands, a UNESCO world heritage site that ecologists say is dying due to the misuse of water and climate change. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced the pledge Thursday during a visit to the Doñana National Park in southern Spain. A European Union court ruled last year that Spanish authorities had failed in their duty to protect the wetlands, and the government faces a hefty fine unless takes actions to preserve the ecosystem.

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Island-hopping the Canary archipelago; Stars Insider

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The Canary Islands are one of Europe’s top tourist destinations. The southernmost region of Spain, the Canaries—an archipelago of eight islands—are in fact much closer to Africa than they are to the European continent. Magnificent beaches and near-perfect temperatures make this destination a year-round vacation option, with each island exuding a unique and compelling character and culture. Furthermore, the archipelago’s ancient volcanic origins enrich the Canaries with some truly fascinating and distinctive natural attractions. So, which of the eight are you heading for? Click through and make your mind up using this island-hopping Canary Island travel itinerary.

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