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An Uncertain Future for the Okavango; Lewis Kihumba; Bird Life

Since the drilling started in Namibia in January 2021, ReconAfrica has not found any commercially exploitable oil reserves. However, concerns have been raised with respect to the quality of the Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) conducted before undertaking the exploration efforts, with the company also attracting heavy criticism for its failure to implement appropriate impact mitigation measures.

Source: An Uncertain Future for the Okavango

I Took My Family on a Bird-watching Safari in Botswana — and It Was the Trip of a Lifetime; Jeffrey Gettleman; Travel+Leisure

Photo: Crookes&Jackson

Though the Big Five often gets top-billing, a bird-watching tour of Botswana is a unique and thrilling way of seeing the African wilderness.

Source: I Took My Family on a Bird-watching Safari in Botswana — and It Was the Trip of a Lifetime

Unmissable adventures around the world; Lonely Planet

Botswana – Tsodilo

Hike, climb, cycle, surf, canoe… there are countless ways to explore a country if you’ve got a taste for adventure. But which of these pulse-quickening experiences fall into the ‘don’t-leave-without’ category?

In this excerpt from Lonely Planet’s Atlas of Adventures, we look at some of the action-packed activities that define a destination, from kayaking through sea caves in Vietnam to paragliding over beaches in Turkey.

1. Don’t leave the USA without…

Hiking Zion National Park’s Angels Landing Trail – just 8km long, but utterly unforgettable. The last 100m traverses a ledgy via ferrata route to a pedestal smack in the middle of the canyon, 460m above the canyon floor and the Virgin River below. Not for the faint of heart or the acrophobic.

2. Don’t leave Australia without…

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Tsodilo Rock Art, Botswana; World Atlas

5. Description and History

The Tsodilo Rock Art is located in the Tsodilo Hills in the Ngamiland District in the country of Botswana in Africa. The Tsodilo Hills is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Tsodilo Hills area consists of four chief hills, of which three are known as the Male Hill, Female Hill, Child and Hill. The other hill does not have a name. The Tsodilo Hills is made up of rock shelters, caves and depressions, but what makes it a World Heritage Sites and an important locations is the ancient rock art located in the area. The ancient rock art paintings in the area are mostly in the caves, although some are out in the open air. The paintings are either done in white or red, the white paintings are attributed to the Bantu people, while the red paintings are attributed to the San people.

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