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Must-See Medieval Marvels From Around The World; Florence Jones; Love Exploring

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From domed cathedrals to enchanting medinas, this is your guide to the top medieval sights on Earth.

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Discover the unique Danube Delta by boat; David Catalin; Travel Daily News

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Danube Delta is one of the wonders of the world. You heard about it, maybe in quizzes , but I am sure that it is very hard to really be impressed if you haven’t been there! In this video you will discover the most important things about it and I am sure you will book your place in the Danube Delta with us (see the link in the description). So what is so special about the Danube Delta, are you asking? The Danube Delta is the last virgin natural place in Europe.

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21 Romanian Landmarks; Sarah Holmes; Travel2Next

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Romania’s rise to popularity in Europe is due to its stunning scenery and budget-friendly options, opening up weekends away for visitors. Romania is a beautiful country, with breathtaking sandy beaches on the shores of the Black Sea, a forest-covered stretch of the Carpathian Mountains, and the largest delta in Europe filled with a variety of birds and animals. Romania’s natural wonders also include the largest population of brown bears in Europe and large bison reserves. Romania also has many hidden areas of natural beauty, including the second biggest underground glacier in Europe. Many travellers are more aware of Romania’s links to the famous gothic novel Dracula by Bram Stoker.

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