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Seven key moments in the history of Malta; History Extra

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Once traded for a falcon, collectively awarded the George Cross, besieged and coveted by world powers the globe over – Malta’s history is full of fascinating stories. Here are seven key moments from the tiny Mediterranean nation’s tumultuous past…

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The most ancient temples in the world; India Times

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Since time immemorial, numerous temples have been built that are considered to be one of the greatest creations of ancient civilisation. While some were built some dynasties who had their reasons to build them, some were believed to be built due to spiritual purposes. Also, some of these ancient temples are believed to hold mysteries and secrets which are yet to be unlocked, and some are so ancient that visiting them once can not only enrich your soul, but will also offer a new perspective to your travel goals.If you want to know more, following are some of the most ancient temples in the world.

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Valletta – capital of Malta: why it should be next on your list; Bronwyn Griffiths; Hostelworld

Discover why Valletta, the capital of Malta, should be next on your list. Read about what makes this small but mighty city so special, including it’s status as a UNESCO world heritage site, beautiful architecture and interesting museums. You’ll soon realise why it’s the European Capital of culture for 2018!

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Ten Tips for Visiting the Megalithic Temples of Malta & Gozo; Ethan Doyle White; Archaeology Travel


Between mainland Europe and Africa in the Mediterranean Sea lies the small island of Malta and its even smaller neighbour Gozo. These islands are best known for their megalithic temples built by Neolithic inhabitants some five to six thousand years ago. UNESCO has classified six of them as part of the ‘Megalithic Temples of Malta’ World Heritage Site. Not surprising then the temples are a popular tourist attraction. Read Ethan’s tips for visiting the megalithic temples on Malta and Gozo.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Malta;

Malta – Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

The Mediterranean island nation’s rich cultural heritage spans thousands of years of recorded human history.

Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is an island nation composed of an archipelago in the central portion of the Mediterranean Sea. There are only three large islands in the archipelago which are inhabited, in addition to several smaller, uninhabited islands. It covers an area of 122 square miles with a population of 450,000, and its closest neighbors are Italy, Tunisia, and Libya. It is one of the smallest countries in the world with its two official languages being Maltese and English. The country’s climate is mainly Mediterranean with four season with mild winters, warm to hot summers, rainy autumn, and spring.