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Phoenix Islands Protected Area; Conservation International

One of Earth’s last remaining marine wilderness areas, the Phoenix Islands Protected Area helps Kiribati’s unique biodiversity and large tuna population flourish.

Source: Phoenix Islands Protected Area

Fishing pressure can surge before marine reserves are created, new study finds; Kevin Begos; Oceana

Timing is everything, even when it comes to California-sized marine reserves.  In 2015, the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, in the central Pacific, was put entirely off-limits to commercial fishing. The protected area, known as PIPA, has been a conservation success — but that success now comes with time-based caveat.

Source: Fishing pressure can surge before marine reserves are created, new study finds

Kiribati protects Phoenix Islands: Tourism Advisory Committee is organizing a retreat; Juergen J Steinmetz; eTurboNews

Kiribati – Phoenix Islands Protected Area

The Republic of Kiribati has taken the commendable step of declaring the Phoenix Islands archipelago and surrounding waters, an area of 410,500 sq. km., as the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) and is under the UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Tourism Advisory sub-committee is organizing a Retreat to be held at Tokaraetina Lodge in North Tarawa on Friday, 15th January returning Sunday the 17th January where they are going to review and update the existing Phoenix Island Protected Area [PIPA] Management Plan developed 7 years ago for the formulation of the PIPA Eco-tourism Investment Strategy.

This document once completed is going to serve as a comprehensive guideline for potential investors interested in undertaking investments in Kanton.

It is expected that this PIPA Eco-tourism and Investment Strategy will have been completed and ready to be used early 2018.

The major task is on the formulation of KPETIG.

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