Day Trip: Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay; Rhonda Albom; Albom Adventures

One of the best day trips from Argentina starts with a ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento, the oldest city in Uruguay.

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How a Uruguayan town revolutionised the way we eat; Shafik Meghji; BBC

Located on the banks of the Uruguay River and named after a 17th-Century hermit, the sleepy town of Fray Bentos produced one of the most influential food brands of the 20th Century.

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14 Best Day Trips From Buenos Aires; One Weird Globe

Written by travelers, our epic guide to the 14 best day trips from Buenos Aires shows you the absolute best hidden gems this Argentine city has to offer!

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How a Uruguayan Meat Factory Became Iconic Worldwide; Paula Mejia; Atlas Obscura

The former factory is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

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An Uruguay Vacation Has So Much to Offer for a Small Country; Robert Glazier; Goway

Uruguay – Fray Bentos Industrial Landscape

An Uruguay vacation offers visitors a varied, interesting, and enjoyable experience… as small as this South American country is.

Let’s place Uruguay geographically. It lies just south of Brazil and east of Argentina. I personally visited Uruguay by making it an extension on a trip to Argentina. I simply boarded a hydrofoil in Buenos Aires and landed in the north of the country at the old city of Colonia del Sacramento (journey time approximately 1 hour), then headed south on a comfortable inter-city bus to the capital, Montevideo (journey time 2.5 hours approximately), followed by another bus ride further south to the outstanding resort of Punta del Este (journey time 2 hours approximately). I then returned by bus to Montevideo and took another hydrofoil back to Buenos Aires (journey time 2 hours approximately). From this, you can see the country is fairly compact. There are alternatives to these routes. On an Uruguay vacation, you can travel all the way by bus to Colonia del Sacramento and you can fly from both Montevideo and Punta del Este to Buenos Aires.

Source: An Uruguay Vacation Has So Much to Offer for a Small Country | Goway

7 UNESCO World Heritage Towns Worth Traveling to See – Compass & Fork

Uruguay – Historic Quarter of the City of Colonia del Sacramento

With over 1000 UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world you’ll never run out of places to visit. But deciding where to visit can be a challenge.

UNESCO World Heritage status applies to a range of sites- all having some historic value. Sites range from ancient and abandoned, to still in use today and often include natural areas as well.

The purpose of the article is to inform you about some of the UNESCO World Heritage towns that are still living, breathing towns.

Visiting one of these UNESCO towns allows you to explore the historic past as well as eating, drinking, shopping and sleeping in many of the traditional buildings. The UNESCO designation preserves the distinctive architecture and culture, while allowing for modern development. And much of this development is around tourism.

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