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The human element: progress focuses on rich history, culture; Li You; China Daily

China – Kulangsu, a Historic International Settlement

Gulangyu has a lot going for it: Beautiful scenery, delicious food, historic architecture and a quiet atmosphere.

But after the island, known in the local dialect as Kulangsu, was recognized by UNESCO on its list of World Cultural Heritage sites, the officials charged with overseeing its development decided to focus on another aspect of island life: the human beings who settled there, and the unique culture they created.

The 1.88-square-kilometer islet was residence for around 14,750 people in 2015, including 11,265 permanent residents and 3,485 transient residents, who moved there not long ago.

“Since the beginning step of Gulangyu’s application for World Cultural Heritage sites until it was successfully included into the list, the issue of its preservation is always under challenge,” said Wei Qing, director of a consulting team that worked on Gulangyu’s application for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage status.

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UNESCO World Heritage Site in China hit by an earthquake; DW

China – Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area

The Jiuzhaigou National Park with its snowy peaks, waterfalls and clear lakes is a prime tourist attraction in central China. Now, an earthquake has shaken the region.

Chinese news agency Xinhua reports that at least six tourists have died.  Among other damage, the tremors caused houses near the park’s entrance to collapse.  It was the strongest quake in The Jiuzhaigou National Park since 2008.

The Jiuzhaigou valley holds one of China’s most famous national parks. It was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 1992. Its 72,000 hectares are home to many birds and rare mammal species such as the giant panda. Over two million tourists come from within China and the world over annually to see the richly hued turquoise-colored lakes and perforated karst landscapes.

Nine villages inhabited by the valley’s Tibetan minority are also part of the World Heritage site.

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Fall around the world; Ciara Appelbaum; INSIDER

China – Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area

From Kyoto, Japan, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, here are some of the prettiest places to see fall foliage around the world.

Fall is undoubtedly a magical season, thanks to trees putting on a spectacular show of sprinkling the world with stunning hues of red, orange, and yellow.

However, some spots are more magical than others.

Keep scrolling to see some of the prettiest places to view fall foliage around the world.

Paris, France.

Fall is one of the best times of the year to visit Paris because it’s cheaper, less crowded, and possibly even more beautiful. Can you think of a better time to see the Palais-Royal Garden or Versailles than when they are surrounded by fiery hues?

Million Dollar Highway (US Route 550), Colorado

Colorado’s fall is so incredible it even has its own name: Indian summer.

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10 Beautiful Places in China; Ms Aggie;

China – Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area

These places in China are awe-inspiring.

China, the world’s most populated country and third-largest by land area, is not always known for its natural splendour. It is clear from these photos, however, that it should be! From mountains in the west, desert in the south, lush greenery in the east, and tropical climates in the south, China is arguably one of the world’s most naturally diverse nations.

10. Qingdao

Qingdao is a town located in China’s Shandong province. It is a magnificent town which has ancient German-style architecture. It also possesses many beautiful beaches and parks which border the Yellow Sea. Qingdao city is famous for the production of the mellow Tsingtao beer which is a legacy of the German population who occupied it many years ago.

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Must-visit international destinations for those who love the rains; Rediff

China – Mount Emei Scenic Area, including Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area

Pack your bags.

Costa Rica
This Central American nation offers a delightful panoramic view thanks to constant rainfall. Along with white-sand beaches, the country houses lush rainforests, national parks and a copious variety of flora and fauna.
Visit this place towards the end of spring to experience Costa Rica’s rainiest season and lush surroundings without the tourist rush.

Hawaii is full of spots that take your breath away, but if you want to truly enjoy its majestic rains — and incredible rainforest sceneries — head to Big Bog in Maui, or Puu Kukui (the highest peak of Mauna Kahalawa, which was formed by a volcano that eroded into what is now called the Iao Valley), or Mt Waialeale, which means ‘overflowing water’.

Emei Shan, Sichuan Province, China

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Photos: UNESCO adds 21 sites to its World Heritage List; Michelle Robertson; SFGate

China – Kulangsu, a Historic International Settlement

Craggy mountaintops trimmed in snow, temples battered by desert sand and modernity, farmlands carved from arctic glaciers — the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites is diverse and plentiful.

The global body met in Krakow, Poland in June to add an additional 21 sites to the robust list — “A lot more than one might have expected,” said Jacek Purchla, chair of the 41st Session of the World Heritage Committee, in a statement.

Indeed. The list now contains a total of 1,073 sites, forged both by man and nature.

UNESCO’s World Heritage List was established by treaty in 1972 to highlight and preserve cultural and natural heritage around the world. A committee of 21 elected representatives meets yearly to define new sites or modify existing ones. Conservation is a continual theme of the annual proceedings.

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Love the monsoon? Visit these amazing rainy destinations around the globe; ANI

China – Mount Emei Scenic Area, including Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area

If you are a lover of rain, then here’s a list of must-visit places across the world where greenery abounds and sunshine only makes a rare appearance.

There are number of places in the world that receive an immense amount of rain. As a matter of fact, these rainy cities and towns are spread across the globe giving us ample opportunities to explore and experience. Travel aggregator ixigo and digital marketplace Paytm Travel brings you a list of top rainy destinations around the globe that are enticing during their wet season with lush green surroundings and a picture perfect sky.

* Mawsynram, India: Located in Meghalaya, India, the beautiful city of Mawsynram receives an annual rainfall of 11,871 millimeters making it the wettest place in the world.

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Gulangyu Island Achieves Unesco World Heritage Status; Li You; China Daily

China – Kulangsu, a Historic International Settlement

Unique islet’s rich and diverse history gains international recognition, Li You reports.

The historical international settlement of Gulangyu Island, in the bay of Xiamen, Fujian province, has recently been recognized by UNESCO on its list of World Cultural Heritage sites.

Known in the local dialect as Kulangsu, the 1.88-square-kilometer islet, with giant banyan trees shading the graceful roofs of European-style mansions, is the destination of 50,000 visitors every day.

Although regarded as a peaceful tourism spot by Chinese people today, it has been a turbulent place in modern history.

The boutique shops, kitschy bars, restaurants and hotels sprung up in recent years, but the mansions, luxuriant foliage and winding roads were not built to amuse tourists at first.

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10 Things to To Do in Beijing; Barbara Wagner; Nomad Is Beautiful

China – Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing and Shenyang

Heading to China? Read on to find out about 10 best things to do in Beijing.

Beijing city is the capital of the People’s Republic of China. The name Beijing means Northern Capital, and it intended to distinguish the town from Nanjing, which was the Southern Capital.

It is a hustling and bustling capital city, with a population of about 21,5 million people. It is the second largest city by population in the World after Shanghai. It is the nation’s cultural, educational and political center.

The Beijing Capital International Airport is the second busiest in the World since 2010. The subway system of the city is the longest and second busiest after the subway of Shanghai.

The city has a 3000 years old history.

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China’s ‘Island of Music’ holds special event to celebrate UNESCO listing; China Daily

China – Kulangsu, a Historic International Settlement

At the 41st session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Poland on July 8 this year, Kulangsu was officially listed as a World Heritage Site, casting a global spotlight on this tiny island in Southeast China.

To celebrate the recognition and to showcase the island’s rich cultural heritage, the annual music festival was made extra special this year.

A large number of celebrated musicians and a wide array of performances by world-renowned artists were set as a musical extravaganza for the public.

Tapping into the profound heritage and prestigious reputation of Kulangsu as the “Island of Music”, the festival was bound to become an iconic event in the musical scene on the island.

Over the past century, this tiny island has produced numerous world-renowned figures like Lin Yutang, Ma Yuehan, Hu Youyi and Shu Ting.

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