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Family travel five: Be an armchair traveler; Lynn O’Rourke; St Louis Post-Dispatch

For now, we can be armchair travelers. We can dream, imagine and plan. Here are five places where beautiful scenery, wide open spaces and compelling adventures await.

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The Power of the Palau Pledge; Colby Devitt; The Good Men Project

Even as sea levels rise, Palau inspires, immersing Colby Devitt in a story of regeneration.

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Palau becomes first country to ban reef-bleaching toxic sunscreen; Emilia Mazza; NZ Herald

Pacific holiday spot Palau has taken a radical step towards protecting its marine life.

Source: Palau becomes first country to ban reef-bleaching toxic sunscreen

Palau is first country to ban ‘toxic’ sun cream; BBC

The move is designed to protect marine life around the Pacific island state.

Source: Palau is first country to ban ‘toxic’ sun cream

World’s Top 12 Islands for an Unforgettable Honeymoon; KC Dermody; Trips To Discover

If you’re dreaming of a honeymoon on an island, you may be overwhelmed with the options. And, there are likely…

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Oceanic sanctuary plan changed to allow fishing in Japan; France24


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Palau Jellyfish Lake reopens following golden jellyfish rebound; Channel News Asia

The reopening comes after the lake’s jellyfish population saw a drastic decline in 2016 due to drought conditions that hit the archipelago.

Source: Palau Jellyfish Lake reopens following golden jellyfish rebound

Palau’s ancient Jellyfish Lake has re-opened to the public; Evening Standard

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Palau’s Jellyfish Lake reopens as thousands of jellyfish return; Maggie Hiufu Wong; CNN


After being closed for two years to allow its diminishing golden jellyfish population to recover, Ongeim’l Tketau Jellyfish Lake — one of Palau’s most famous attractions — has reopened.

Source: Palau’s Jellyfish Lake reopens as thousands of jellyfish return

Palau asking visitors to take pledge to protect local environment; Suzuko Araki; Mainichi

Palau, a tiny Micronesian country that is suffering from serious environmental destruction as a result of an increase in the number of inbound tourist…

Source: Palau asking visitors to take pledge to protect local environment

How to make your Palau holiday a responsible vacation; Elaine J Masters; Trip Wellness

Take the pledge and sample itinerary. Support the future of this island nation on your Palua holiday and sign the passport pledge.

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25 Reasons to Scuba Dive Palau; Terr Ward; Scuba Diving

Palau – Rock Islands Southern Lagoon

This Micronesian paradise calls scuba divers back again and again with incredible drift dives, wall dives and more.

For divers who’ve been lucky enough to blow bubbles in the underwater wonderland that’s Palau (many of our readers, apparently!), one trip is never enough. And for those who’ve seen the remote Micronesian archipelago only in classic photos of tropical islands and massive sharks, we can promise you this: Palau delivers even beyond the hype, both above the surface and below. Wall dives teeming with big animals, macro life galore, impressive wrecks — it’s all waiting within one of the largest marine protected areas on the planet.


Passed in 2015, the Palau National Marine Sanctuary Act made the archipelago the sixth-largest fully protected marine reserve in the world. Eighty percent (193,000 square miles) of Palau’s maritime territory is a no-take zone, with fishing open to locals only — no foreign boats allowed — in just 20 percent of the country’s waters.


Source: 25 Reasons to Scuba Dive Palau

7 Unique Beach Destinations for Every Type of Traveler; Emma Weissmann; Travel Age West

Palau – Rock Islands Southern Lagoon

Our guide to the world’s best beach vacations

You don’t have to be a beach bum to enjoy some of the world’s most fantastic shorelines. In fact, we think there’s a coast out there for every traveler. And we’re sure you have your own favorite beaches, too. Send them to us by emailing with the subject line “Beaches,” and we’ll post them online. But, in the meantime, use this guide to find the perfect stretch of sand for your clients.

For the Adventurous Spirit: Rock Islands Southern Lagoon, Palau, Micronesia
From above, Palau’s Rock Islands may seem like nothing more than a smattering of green mushroom-shaped dots in an otherwise vast expanse of cerulean. But this grouping of nearly 450 volcanic islands is much more than a few dots on a map — it’s an adventure lover’s playground.


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Top 10 South Pacific Islands; Flight Centre Travel Blog

Palau – Rock Islands Southern Lagoon

Romantic beaches, heritage and culture, world-class diving and natural wonders – whatever your preference, there’s a South Pacific island for you.

01 Fiji & Palau

If you love… Beqa Lagoon

Renowned as the ‘soft coral capital of the world’, this Fijian island boasts some of the best scuba diving in the country. Surrounded by more than 300km of spectacular coral – making it one of the largest barrier reefs on earth – its lagoon consists of clear, warm water with visibility of more than 30 metres. Many dive spots (there are more than 100 in total) are only a short boat ride from the shore. While there’s an array of marine life, the resident shark population is undoubtedly at the top of most divers’ to-see lists. At least eight different species of sharks, including tiger, nurse and bull, call the lagoon home.

Then try… Palau

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Breakout Role: For Pacific Oasis Palau, Tourism Spike Means Big Changes; Dillon Thompson; Paste

Palau – Rock Islands Southern Lagoon

Never thought of visiting Palau? Well, you might be soon. In our Breakout Role series, we take a look at places that have seen huge increases in tourism in the last few years, and try to figure out what’s causing all the hype.

In Palau, tourists are counted by the thousands. To the small Pacific nation, which has barely more than 20,000 residents itself, a fluctuation in visitors that might appear unsubstantial to a larger country can seem enormous.

It’s for this exact reason that 2015 was such an important year for Palauan tourism. After the availability of new charter flights made the Micronesian country a newly-popular destination for Chinese tourists, Palau’s number of international visitors peaked at 162,000, a significant and almost instantaneous jump from 140,000 in 2014.

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13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites You Can Dive; Terry Ward; Scuba Diving

Palau – Rock Islands Southern Lagoon

The UNESCO world heritage list comprises more than 1,000 spots — 20 percent of them natural — designated as the legacy of all mankind. These 13 spots represent an even more precious slice: they can be fully appreciated only by divers.

From the Taj Mahal to the Grand Canyon, the most spectacular cultural and natural places in the world find a spot on the storied UNESCO World Heritage List — an international cooperation created during a 1972 United Nations conference to protect the world’s most wondrous locales. And while divers know there are seemingly limitless places to explore with a tank strapped to their backs, only a select few of the world’s dive destinations meet the World Heritage criterion. When you dive one of these sites, you’re submerging someplace deemed to have “outstanding universal value” that’s worth protecting at all costs. In our world, that’s a dive for the books.

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