One of the world’s great wonders has an amazing new hotel; Jacqueline Gifford; Travel + Leisure

Argentina – Iguazu National Park

The Awasi Iguazú, a 14-suite lodge close to the mighty Iguazú Falls, is a luxurious game changer for the destination.

Oddly enough, it didn’t smell like rain. The sky had turned from blue to silver to a deep, dark gray as our trio of kayaks explored a remote stretch of Argentina’s Yacuí River, a tributary of the larger Iguazú. With its milky green waters and banks lined with the towering palmito and palo rosa trees of the Atlantic Forest, the Yacuí, set in the northeastern province of Misiones, is about as far from the cosmopolitan streets of Buenos Aires as you can get.

We’d driven 90 minutes due east from the town of Puerto Iguazú, on the unpaved Route 101 that runs along the border of Iguazú National Park, to reach this remote location. After clambering down a makeshift pier, we’d dropped our kayaks in the water and begun paddling upstream, with no end point in mind — our destination was the magical rain forest that straddles the river, once a vast wilderness that covered more than 100 million acres of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil.

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Forbes Travel Guide’s 18 Top Destinations Of 2018; Forbes

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Our annual list of the places everyone will want to travel to this year.

While Elon Musk is hard at work trying to make Mars the next travel frontier, other places in this orbit demand a visit right now. You can easily deduce why cities hosting the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics might land on Forbes Travel Guide’s list, but other out-of-this-world destinations are in such a fun, creative space right now that they should sit atop your travel plans, too.


After a seven-month renovation, Australia’s most famous landmark reopened with a bang on New Year’s Eve. Debuting new machinery, lighting and improved acoustics, the Sydney Opera House is back and better than ever for the 2018 season.

For a sumptuous stay post-performance, just stroll a few blocks south to the brand-new Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Hotel and enjoy a retro-chic drink at the 1960s-inspired Soiree Bar.

Asheville, North Carolina

Source: Forbes Travel Guide’s 18 Top Destinations Of 2018

National Geographic Unveils Its Must-See Destinations List For 2018; Jeanne Pouget; Konbini

Argentina – Quebrada de Humahuaca

Some ideas for your travels.

Every year, the travel specialists at geography and exploration magazine National Geographic draw up a list of the best trips to make over the next twelve months – and they’ve seriously outdone themselves with this year’s selection.

From Ethiopia to Georgia, Ireland to Chile the editors have handpicked the finest sights across the globe to keep us stocked up on wanderlust for the whole of 2018. Check out some of the incredible destinations that caught our eye just below.

Laid-back Harar, Ethiopia

Little frequented by European travelers, with most preferring the more easily accessible countries of North Africa, Ethiopia’s Harar has been hailed as “the most surprising city in East Africa” by the magazine.

Recognised as the fourth holy city of Islam by UNESCO, the colorful, maze-like streets of Harar are home to more than 110 mosques and many more shrines.

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Wondrous wildlife in Puerto Madryn; Rose Palmer; Travelettes

Argentina – Península Valdés

I’m hopeful. As we set sail from Puerto Pirámides our guide Sebastian confidently assures us that we have a ‘100% chance’ of seeing Southern Right Whales today. He’s not wrong. Almost as soon as we get out into the deeper water a mother and baby are spotted from the team’s lookout point.

Whale watching season is in full swing in Puerto Madryn in Patagonia, Argentina, and I’ve been kindly invited to experience this natural wonder by Say Hueque who specialize in tours around Argentina and Chile.

I arrive in Puerto Madryn on an Argentine bank holiday. The sun is shining and the beach is packed. There are colorful parasols everywhere, children squealing as they paddle in the waves of the Atlantic and teenagers competitively playing football, using flip flops dug into the sand as goal posts. Everyone seems to be in a good mood.

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15 Beautiful Photos of Argentina; Caitlin Morton; Conde Nast Traveler

Argentina – Península Valdés

Argentina is one of the most awe-inspiring countries in the world, with dramatic glacial landscapes, legendary tango performances, impressive wine and food scenes, and of course, cities like Buenos Aires. Now, thanks to the recent drop in value of the Argentinian peso—plus the new tax refund foreigners get on hotel stays—there’s never been a better time to visit. Here are 15 photos that will inspire you to visit one of South America’s most alluring and beautiful countries.

Los Glaciares National Park in the Argentine part of Patagonia is one of the country’s crowning glories, comprised of mountains like the jagged Mount Fitz Roy, lakes, and glaciers.

The neighborhood of La Boca, known for its brightly painted tin buildings and impromptu tango performances, helps make Buenos Aires one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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Icons of South America Summer 2018; Telegraph

Argentina – Iguazu National Park


Journey across South America discovering the thrilling landscapes, cities and cultures of Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina on this exciting tour. Highlights include Peru’s renowned sacred Inca site of Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that you will tour and explore independently. Discover the historic highlights of Lima and tour Cusco, including the impressive Baroque cathedral and fascinating Inca remnants such as the fortress of Sacsayhuaman outside the town. Explore Chile’s enchanting capital, Santiago, and visit the renowned wine-producing region of the Casablanca Valley, touring a winery.

Cross the towering Andes from Puerto Varas, cruising across the shimmering Todos Los Santos lake and driving through breathtaking mountain landscapes. In Argentina, explore the natural beauty of the Circuito Chico, with alpine forests and lakes in Nahuel Huapi National Park.

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Top 10 Things to Experience in South America; TripZilla

Argentina – Iguazu National Park

Far away but absolutely worth the long flight, South American countries like Brazil, Peru and Chile offer plenty of unique experiences encompassing food, festivals and city sights.

If you’ve been itching to travel to the other side of the globe, but are hesitant about the dollars spent and the insanely long journey, it’s time to reconsider! South America is becoming an increasingly popular destination for today’s travellers, and for good reasons.

Faraway and exotic, the region boasts stunning scenery, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, innovative alcohols, heart-stopping festivals and non-stop adventures.

Here are 10 experiences to have in South America that you should put straight on your bucket list.

1. Scale 2,500m up one of the New Seven Wonders

Dubbed the “Lost City of the Incas”, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu is without question one of South America’s top attractions.

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A trip to world’s fastest growing glacier; Kanika Kalia; The Tribune

Argentina – Los Glaciares National Park

Nature has its own ways to surprise man. Argentina’s Perito Moreno is among the three glaciers in the world that are growing rather than receding.

The spectacles of Patagonia are truly remarkable. And there are not many places in this world, where a dream meets the reality. Located in southern America, Perito Moreno glacier is a science fiction dreamscape.  If you aim at visiting only one glacier in your life, Perito Moreno has to be it.  At an impressive scale of 30 km in length and over 250 sq km in size, Perito Moreno Glacier is true “The wall in the north” ( of course minus the wildlings from The Game of Thrones;). Intrigued, yet?

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Los Glaciares National Park: Argentinian World Heritage Site inspires Google doodle on 80th anniversary; Jeff Parsons; Mirror Online

Argentina – Los Glaciares National Park

A tribute to the World Heritage Site is being featured on the most famous website in the world.

Google has honoured Argentina’s “stunning” Los Glaciares national park with a doodle that will run on the homepage today, May 11.

Today marks the 80th anniversary of the park which counts its main attraction as a cluster of mountain peaks at its northern boundary.

Designated an area of outstanding natural beauty and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981, the park contains Argentina’s largest freshwater lake. Lake Argentino is supplied by the Perito Moreno Glacier, which grinds a path through the Patagonian Andes mountain range.

“As the powdery blue glacier advances, the ice often gives way with a resounding crack, plunging into the chilly lake and calving enormous icebergs,” notes Google in its description of the day’s doodle.


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7 Of The Most Beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Cynthia Matts; Idea Digezt

Argentina – Iguazu National Park

An organization of the United Nations called UNESCO has a special task of finding, protecting, and preserving various sites or heritages around the world which are of cultural and natural importance and are considered to be of outstanding value to humanity. By this, an international treaty called the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage was adopted by UNESCO in 1972. Originally, there were only 12 entries to UNESCO’s World Heritage list but now, there are more than 1,000 sites all over the world, given that approximately 25 global sites are added to the list each year. Nonetheless, each of the sites in the list holds an outstanding universal value and are very stunning in their own, unique ways. Here are seven of the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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