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Researchers Call For DNA Samples At Airports To Determine Scope Of African Bushmeat Market; Mongabay; AFKInsider

Guinea – Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

Bushmeat is finding its way to Europe’s biggest cities, where demand for exotic delicacies or a “taste of home” drives a trade which has yet to be quantified.

The meat of endangered species such as primates and pangolins is available, but the scale of the problem is not fully understood. Few studies have been undertaken at airports and other points of entry to determine its scope.

In a Paris airport study, 134 passengers arriving from Africa were searched over a period of 17 days; nine were found to be carrying a total of 188 kilograms (414 pounds) of bushmeat. A more recent study of bushmeat arriving from Africa at two Swiss airports found that one third of meat seized was from threatened and endangered species including pangolins, small carnivores and primates.