6 Reasons To Go Everest Base Camp and Not Stay Home; Ramesh; Detechter

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the life-changing and adventurous trek of the Everest region. The trek to the base of the world’s highest peak is on many…

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Six amazing countries you can visit without visa hassles; On Manorama

Travellers have often wished to travel abroad without a visa. Such people can now visit some countries which allow Indians to travel there even without this document.. Indians. visa. countries. travel. hassle-free.

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Why should people visit Nepal?; Rachna Jain; Quora

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10 Of The Best Things To Do In Kathmandu, Nepal; Yaya; Hand And Luggage Only

Kathmandu is an incredibly busy, energetic and bustling city in the heart of Nepal and usually the first point of call for most international visitors to the country. Our first visit to Nepal was incredible…

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If you are given a chance to travel Nepal, which part of the country would you visit?; Quora

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A brief history of Nepal’s Chitwan National Park; Tara Michelle Ziniuk; G Adventures

From game hunting to protected wildlife area…

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7 Remarkable Cultural Sites You Need To See In Kathmandu #Nepal #Travel; The Travelling Fool

I recently had an opportunity to visit Nepal as an invited delegate for the Himalayan Travel Conference. The trip was hosted by Nepal Ministry of Culture Tourism and Aviation and sponsored by Nepal Tourism, the Nepal Chapter of PATA and numerous other sponsors.   Kathmandu Nepal is home to remarkable cultural sites. To many in […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Stay in Nepal’s Meghauli Serai (Luxury Jungle Lodge Safari); Aileen Adalid; I am Aileen

Nepal – Chitwan National Park

Nepal is a destination that is known for its grand vistas which are a mix of astounding Himalayan views, lush jungles, colorful villages, and anicent temples. As such, there is undoubtedly a ton of things that you can do in the country to fill up your time — but when it comes to the wildlife, nothing beats the UNESCO World Heritage site of Chitwan National Park (which is a mere 20-minute flight from the capital of Kathmandu). To date, there are a number of accommodations in this famous safari that could give anyone the opportunity to enjoy Chitwan’s rich habitat; however, the newest luxury jungle lodge of the Taj Hotels named as Meghauli Serai is a place that you must not miss out on.

I actually had the amazing chance to stay here during my visit to Chitwan last year in Nepal, and right from the first day, I easily saw how it is an opulent staycation that will be worth anyone’s time and money.

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Tigers, Rhinos and Deers… A Guide to Chitwan National Park; Christine Kaaloa; Grrrl Traveler

Nepal – Chitwan National Park

Not many travelers know that you can take a safari in Nepal.

The truth is, Nepal’s Chitwan National Park,otherwise known as “The Heart of the Jungle”, is a major World Heritage UNESCO park with a wicked assortment of wildlife and endangered species.  If Chitwan isn’t on your bucket list for Nepal, it should be.

A Guide to Chitwan National Park

Chitwan Park spans 932 sq kilometers of grasslands, lowlands, wetlands and river and is home to 600 species of birds and 68 mammals (including the endangered royal Bengal tiger, sloth bears, langur monkeys and one-horned rhinoceros) .

HIstorically, Chitwan National Park was once a gaming resort for the royal families. But in 1973, the park became a conservation park, preserving and protecting endangered wildlife and in 1983 it became a World Heritage UNESCO site.

The park is patrolled by the Nepali army but the Tharu ethnic minority has many villages around the park. They are its silent guardians, helping protect and maintain it. Many are employed through the resident lodges.

The Tharu are an indigenous ethnic culture often found in the lowlands of Nepal and India.

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Mount Everest …………………; Bob Rinek; Jigidi

Nepal – Sagarmatha National Park

……… Mount Everest, is an altitude of 8848 m above sea level (according to the older data and 8850 m nm) the highest mountain on Earth. Mount Everest was created along with the rest of the Himalayas by collisions of the Indian and Eurasian continental plates. The mountain is named after the British geodet George Everest.
The Himalayas are still growing thanks to the constant pushing of the Indian Plate into the Eurasian Mountains, which is why the Mount Everest altitude is increasing.
Mount Everest rises in the Mahalangur Himalayas in the Khumbu Nepalese region on the border with China (with the Tibetan Autonomous Region, the western and southeastern peaks forming the border). On the Nepalese side it is part of the Sagarmatha National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the northern side is the Qomolangma National Nature Reserve. This area, with an area of ​​1 823 591 hectares in China, was registered in 2004 on the list of UNESCO biosphere reserves.
Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made the first exit on the mountain on May 29, 1953.

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