The Brussels Times – Bois du Cazier granted European Heritage label; Oscar Schneider; Brussels Times

Belgium – Major Mining Sites of Wallonia

The Bois du Cazier, site of a former coal mine in Marcinelle (Charleroi), has been awarded the European Heritage Label, the management of the Bois du Cazier museum said on Wednesday in a press release.

The label was granted by the European Commission following a selection by an independent committee.

In 2017, 19 participating European Union member states pre-selected 25 sites for the award. Nine were finally approved for inclusion on the list of sites bearing the label, which now number 38. These include the ancient centre of Athens, the Imperial Palace in Vienna and the historic naval shipyard in Gdansk.

Known for a mining catastrophe that claimed 262 lives in 1956, the Bois du Cazier illustrates workers’ condition and immigration. Along with three other mine sites, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012.

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Visit Bruges for a winter wonderland; Andy West; Malay Mail

Belgium – Historic Centre of Brugge

DECEMBER 3 — If you are planning a winter vacation to Europe and haven’t yet decided upon a destination — or if you just need a tip for the future — you won’t find a more festive place to visit than Bruges.

Ok, it might not be the most obvious holiday haunt. If you’re travelling all that distance, you’ll probably want to spend your time exploring somewhere more famous like Paris, Amsterdam or London.

But in terms of providing a Christmas atmosphere, a genuine northern European winter wonderland experience, you won’t find a more authentic venue than Bruges, a historic city in the north of Belgium.

For starters, it’s cold. Really cold. And isn’t that the way it should be?


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Of Belgium and Beer Traditions; Rhucha Kulkarni; Tripoto

Belgium – Historic Centre of Brugge

Think Belgium and the mind conjures up images of bubbly beer, decadent chocolate and crisp waffles. Yes, Belgium is every food-and-drink connoisseur’s ultimate dream, for the Belgians are known to start their days with a large swig and a calorie-laden yummilicious indulgence. Where better to experience this foodgasm than in the heart of Belgium’s traditional ways- in Brugge. Tucked away in historical oblivion, this now UNESCO World Heritage Site-City is like stepping back in time with a time machine. Narrow cobbled alleys, charming old-style plazas and waffles being sold by the dozen on the streets. But what catches one’s attention, and especially if you are the forever beer-lover, is one of the oldest breweries of the country, the De Halve Maan brewery.

A Beer Revolution Begins

The story of the now-modern brewery dates back not several decades, but several centuries.

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A Weekend Break Bucket List for Bruges; Sara D’Souza; HuffPost

Belgium – Historic Centre of Brugge

Fall under the spell of the picture-perfect town of Bruges this winter.

Billed as the Venice of the north, Bruges with its atmospheric winding canals and historic cobbled streets is a medieval UNESCO World Heritage town and makes for the ideal weekend break.

Eschew the bustling summer crowds and feel like you’ve got the place to yourself in the crisp winter months. From January, right up until the bright yellow daffodils of spring, it’s particularly charming. For a small town, it certainly packs a lot in, so we’ve rounded up our essential sights to tick off, our favourite cultural hotspots and exceptional local dishes, to experience this magical winter wonderland at its best.

Essential sights

A trip to Bruges would not be complete without getting out on the labyrinth of waterways that this quaint town is made up of.

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Best Winter Vacations in Europe According to Travel Experts; Natasha; The World Pursuit

Belgium – Historic Centre of Brugge

I’ve asked 19 other travel bloggers to chat about where the best winter vacations in Europe are. From Sweden to France here are their answers.

Who doesn’t love the winter season? I’m not much for gloomy, overcast, and rainy weather I have to admit I love the winter season. White snow, mulled wine, warm scarves, and a breath of fresh brisk air.

Europe is my favorite region in the winter season. It’s why we keep coming back to the continent during December, January, and March. Just because it’s the coldest time of year doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to travel.

Turns out, we’re not the only person that loves to spend winter in Europe. We’ve asked 19 other travel bloggers to chat about where to have the best winter vacation in Europe. Here are their answers!

St. Petersburg, Russia

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100 Fantastic Cities | Travel Bloggers Pick Their Favourites | Part 1; Stefan Arestis & Sebastien Chaneac; Kavey Eats

Belgium – Historic Centre of Brugge

A city break holiday is the perfect pick-me-up when you have just a few days to spare but want an immersive escape with culture, history and great food and drink. I love a bit of people-watching too!

I was originally going to write about my personal Top 10 Cities – Kyoto, Cape Town, Venice for sure, and maybe Taipei, Porto, Toronto, Stockholm, I’d have to think hard to narrow it down. But as there are still so many places I’ve never been to, it would still be limited in scope.

Instead, I decided to reach out to the vast and wonderful community of travel bloggers all around the world. This post is the collaborative result, with each blogger telling us in their own words (and with one of their photos) why their chosen favourite city captured their hearts.

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The Small Country with Outstanding Attractions to be Discovered on a Belgium Vacation; Robert Glazier; Globe Trotting

Belgium – La Grand-Place, Brussels

If you are looking for a destination which has diversity, history, culture, outstanding architecture, and great food and beer, then it’s time for a Belgium vacation. This is definitely not a large country. In fact, it is very compact, which is a plus for getting around, especially as Belgium has a good rail network.

Starting with diversity, there are two parts to the country. It is literally split in two from both a language and cultural point of view. The Dutch-speaking Flemish occupy the north and the French-speaking Walloons, the south. Belgium’s capital, Brussels, has absorbed both of these, which makes it a truly diverse city. Perhaps this is why it was chosen as the headquarters of the European Union. Belgians are reputed to have a fairly dry sense of humour. Maybe this is the reason for the Manneken Pis in Brussels.

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In Bruges Belgium; Anne-Sophie Redisch; Sophie’s Word Travel Inspiration

Belgium – Historic Centre of Brugge

I was first in Bruges just after uni. It was a brief trip, just 3-4 hours, and what I remember best was cleanliness! Not so much as a gum wrapper littered the cobbled streets. Years later, I returned with Ali. Possibly an even shorter visit. So when VisitFlanders invited me to have a closer (and longer) look at Bruges, I was quick to accept.

Bruges is known as a fairy tale. You might remember Harry (Ralph Fiennes) so… erm, eloquently, addressing Ray’s (Colin Farrell) lack of enthusiasm for Bruges:

(you may want to pop on headphones if little ears are around – the language is a bit on the rough side).

The belfry

Another major player starring in the movie In Bruges is the town’s tall belfry from 1240. I see no sign of Colin or Ralph, but of course I must climb the belfry.


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10 Best Belgium Museums To Visit; Bram; Go 4 Travel Blog

Belgium – Plantin-Moretus House-Workshops-Museum Complex

Filled to the brim with rich history, beautiful architecture, cultural events and great cuisine, Belgium may be small but certainly packs a punch. Museum fans will find a little paradise in this underrated country. These are the 10 best Belgium museums, fun and fascinating places that cover everything from fine art to world-changing inventions.

10 Best Belgium Museums to Visit

In Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres

Let’s start this list with what is arguably the best World War One museum in the world. That might be a serious claim, but anyone who’s visited the In Flanders Fields Museum will agree that it’s absolutely amazing, humbling and fascinating.

Located in the historic Cloth Hall of Ypres, which lay on the very frontline during the Great War, this museum is exceptional because it does not glorify warfare.

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Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp, Belgium; Bram; Go 4 Travel Blog

Belgium – Plantin-Moretus House-Workshops-Museum Complex

The highly recommended Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp, Belgium, is the world’s only museum that’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You won’t have any trouble finding visit-worthy historic and cultural sites in Antwerp, Belgium, but there’s one that’s among the most exceptional in the world. The Plantin-Moretus Museum is the only museum in the world that’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Everyone who visits Antwerp should at least consider visiting this superb museum.

The Birth of Mass Printing

In the 16th century, printer Christophe Plantin moved from Paris to Antwerp, a city that was basically the beating heart of northern Europe in the 1500’s. He established a printing business in the city center. The business was well-supplied by its huge harbor and home to many skilled craftsmen.

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