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Treading carefully: saving frankincense trees in Yemen; Shihab Jamal; Nature

Photo: Kay Van Damme

Nature – Conservation biologist Kay Van Damme works with locals on the Socotra archipelago to help save ancient trees and colourful invertebrates.

Source: Treading carefully: saving frankincense trees in Yemen

A trip to Yemen’s Socotra Island; The Frontier Post

Photo: Frontier Post

Socotra Island has been variously described as ‘The Galapagos of the Middle East’ and ‘The Jewel of Arabia.’ This Yemeni UNESCO World Heritage Site is the largest of four islands in the Socotra Archipelago, situated east of the Horn of Africa in the Arabian Sea. The unspoiled, alien-like landscape of the island has intrigued travelers and scientists alike for decades.

Source: A trip to Yemen’s Socotra Island – The Frontier Post

Photos: After war, floods now threaten Yemen’s UNESCO heritage sites; Hindustan Times

Recurring floods caused annually due to torrential rains threaten to finish off the destruction of UNESCO listed world heritage sites and distinctive buildings in the Yemeni capital Sanaa with their ochre brick facades and white latticework windows, experts say. Conservation efforts are already bogged down by the conflict between the Houthis and Saudi led coalition backed government and natural causes are only expediting damage that has been done by years of civil war.

Source: Photos: After war, floods now threaten Yemen’s UNESCO heritage sites – world-news – photos | Hindustan Times

Ancient city that hosts 500 years old mud skyscrapers; Orissa Post

In earlier days people used to live in mud houses. Although those houses were of one storey, you would be surprised to know that there is a city where there are more than 500 skyscrapers made from mud. These buildings are nothing short of miracles because neither rain nor storms have any effect on them.

Source: Ancient city that hosts 500 years old mud skyscrapers – OrissaPOST

Socotra—an unworldly island in the Arabian Sea; Stars Insider

Remote and isolated, the Socotra archipelago is often described as the “most alien-looking place on Earth.” The islands, part of Yemen, are scattered in the Arabian Sea, with Socotra, the largest island, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But while once a discerning destination for hardcore adventure tourists, visitor numbers have dwindled since the outbreak of the Yemeni civil war in 2015. Browse this gallery and get an idea of what this unworldly island looks like.

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