10 Amazing Ancient Sites You Have To See In Peru; Lloyd; Hand Luggage Only

Peru – Chavin (Archaeological Site)

You might have guessed by now that I fell in love with Peru during our visit! From our epic hike to Rainbow Mountain, climbing the impressive Huayna Picchu and taking the Andean Explorer from Puno to Cusco.

I’ve got to be honest, before travelling around Peru, I really didn’t appreciate how diverse the whole country is. It’s so easy to think of one place (For me, that was Machu Picchu,) and to think that’s what the rest of the country will look like. Thankfully, my preconceptions were properly demystified from the moment we landed. It’s one of the most diverse countries I’ve ever visited.

One thing that instantly stood out to me was the incredible history of this place.

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48 hours in: Ferrara; Sara Scarpa; Italy Travel and Life

Italy – Ferrara, City of the Renaissance, and its Po Delta

Ferrara was Europe’s first modern city, and plans laid here have been copied across the continent. Sara Scarpa visits the often overlooked city of the Este family…

One evening earlier this year, I watched a television programme about the Signorie, the governing bodies of old Italy, and was fascinated by the stories of these famous families who ruled il Bel Paeseduring the Medieval and Renaissance periods.

What really caught my attention was the tale of the younger branch of the Este House, who ruled Ferrara for over three centuries. I must confess that I did not know much about them before, but I was inspired to read more. The history of the Estensi is deeply connected to the history of Ferrara.

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Praise the E.U. for Fining Country Accused of Illegal Logging; Sara Ives; ForceChange

Poland – Białowieża Forest

Poland stands accused of having put Europe’s last remaining unspoiled forest in jeopardy. As a result, the nation now faces stiff fines for its continued illegal logging activities. Sign this petition to thank the E.U. for taking this threat seriously and holding the Polish government accountable.

Target: Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Union

Goal: Applaud the decision to fine Poland for illegal logging in Europe’s last remaining primeval forest.

The Bialowieza Forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, believed by scientists to be the last remaining vestige of forests that once covered most of Europe 8,000 years ago. In spite of this, Polish Minister of Environment Jan Szyszko called for a three-fold increase of logging in this critical forest habitat last year, enraging environmentalists and the global community as a whole.

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The Best Places To Travel Alone During The Holidays; Kayla Unnerstall; Refinery 29

Canada – Historic District of Old Québec

We’ve rounded up our picks for best places to visit as a solo traveler.

Traveling alone is probably not the first thing you think of when you hear “vacation.” But solo travel has had a renaissance in recent years, especially for women: It’s a chance to sit in the driver’s seat, flex your independence, experience a new place, and get to know yourself a bit better.

Plus, there are so many inspiring places with breathtaking sights, delicious food, and awe-inspiring views, that it’s becoming more and more appealing to travel unaccompanied with a custom tailored itinerary in one hand and an HD iPhone camera in the other.

While the holidays are typically family-heavy events, there’s no shame in taking a little you time to explore on your own. Think you’re ready to take the plunge?

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Iconic Greek Orthodox Church in Istanbul opens after three years of restorations; Hurriyet

Turkey – Historic Areas of Istanbul

The historic Orthodox Church of St. George, a UNESCO world heritage site, has been opened with a ceremony after undergoing a three-year restoration, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Since the 15th century, it has been the seat of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, the senior patriarchate of the Greek Orthodox Church and recognised as the spiritual leader of the world’s Eastern Orthodox Christians.

The church was opened with a rite directed by the Fener Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, and the Directorate General of Foundations head Adnan Ertem attended the ceremony that was held afterwards on November 19.

Speaking at the event, Bartholomew thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Turkish government and the Directorate General of Foundations for their initiatives in renovating the church.

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Vietnamese cities among world’s top 100 foreign tourist destinations; Bong S Sarmiento; Travel Wire Asia

Viet Nam – Ha Long Bay

THREE Vietnamese cities are among the world’s top 100 travel destinations for international tourists, global business intelligence firm Euromonitor International said in its latest report.

Based on Euromonitor’s Top City Destinations Ranking report presented early this month at the World Travel Market event in London, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Ha Long are the three most-visited cities by international tourists arriving in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City was ranked 36th while capital Ha Noi and Ha Long claimed the 52nd and 56th spots, respectively.

Euromonitor projected that Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest city, would attract 5.5 foreign visitors this year while Hanoi and Ha Long were seen to welcome 4.3 million and 4 million international tourists, respectively.

According to the report, Asian cities dominate the global destination rankings due to the rise of Chinese outbound tourism demand.

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How to Explore the World’s Oldest Rain Forest; Celeste Mitchell; Afar

Australia – Wet Tropics of Queensland

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is tens of millions of years older than the Amazon. Here’s how to visit.

When you think about the oldest rain forest in the world, your brain may take you to the Congo or Brazil. But time takes on a new mind-bending perspective in the Daintree Rainforest in Australia, part of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Wet Tropics Rainforest. Dating back an estimated 180 million years—tens of millions of years older than the Amazon—these nearly 750 square miles cradle of botanical history have been through it all. If you want to experience a land before time, a stay in this stretch of North Queensland is as close as you’ll ever come. Here are seven unexpected ways to immerse yourself.

1. On a night walking tour

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Old Havana Gets a Make-over at 498 Years Old; Havana Times

Cuba – Old Havana and its Fortification System

HAVANA TIMES – Old Havana, the oldest municipality in the Cuban capital, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982, has been undergoing a rescue and conservation operation over the past 30 years which is admired by every foreign traveler who comes here, to such an extent that Havana was declared a Wonder City last year when it received thousands of votes from people in the third annual campaign that the Swiss foundation New7Wonders held, for its “mythical appeal, the warm and welcoming of its environment, and the charisma and joviality of its inhabitants.”

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Ten Interesting Facts and Figures about Maritime Greenwich; John Rabon; Anglotopia Magazine

UK – Maritime Greenwich

Greenwich, London is an area of London just south-east of the City of London.  It’s first mentioned in a Saxon charter in 918 as “Grenowic” or “green settlement.”  As London grew and prospered, Greenwich eventually became an area dedicated to maritime pursuits, eventually becoming the home of the Royal Navy College and the Royal Observatory.  This history is on display at the National Maritime Museum, but that is not the only interesting aspect of the area.  Join us as we examine ten interesting facts about Greenwich, the Royal Borough, and the UNESCO World Heritage site that are worth a visit.


Speaking of which, Maritime Greenwich is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, having been designated as such in 1997.

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Travelling to Austria and Italy. Combining Culture and Adventure; Meet Becki; Borders Of Adventure

San Marino – San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano

When it comes to pairing Austria and Italy, the normal criss-cross of travel exists between Austria’s Tirol region and Italy’s South Tirol region – an autonomous region of northern Italy that nestles just below it, with a majority German-speaking population.

With travel in Europe being accessible via overland options, there’s no reason not to travel further than the regions of Austria and Italy that border one other.

In the summer, I combined the northern Italian region of Emilia Romagna with the Achensee region of Tirol in Austria – connected by a very scenic train journey of less than seven hours that weaved north through Italy and western Austria.

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