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Turkemnistan is a destination worth checking out; Leesan; The Star

The most mysterious of the ‘stan’ countries, Turkmenistan is a destination worth checking out.

Source: Turkemnistan is a destination worth checking out

Seen Enough Of Paradise? Now Travel To Gateway Of Hell; Aakanksha Magan; Tripoto

Turkmenistan – Kunya-Urgench

A destination shrouded in mystery.


Central Asia remains a destination shrouded in mystery, as it is often considered an inaccessible, far off place. Once the heart of the Silk Route, the five ‘stans’ that make up Central Asia, are now hailed as mythical regions very few dare to visit. Especially Turkmenistan, an unexplored land, famous for the crazy dictatorship of Saparmurat Niyazov. The country has changed since his death in 2006, but it is still known worldwide as a totalitarian theme park.

Turkmenistan today resembles North Korea in how it is governed, with the exception of how it welcomes its tourists.

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