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Is Kosovo taking a harder line with Serbia?; Nikola Dordevic; Emerging Europe

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Dialogue between Serbia and its former province of Kosovo is at a standstill, with no movement since last year when both sides signed agreements with the United States regarding economic normalisation.

Source: Is Kosovo taking a harder line with Serbia?

Kosovo’s rival communities reach deal on World Heritage site; Zenel Zhinipotoku & Llazar Semini; AP

Italian mediation on Thursday helped resolve a long-running dispute between Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian government and the Serb minority, allowing a highway project that will bypass a historic Christian Orthodox monastery listed as an endangered World Heritage site. Serb Orthodox leaders long protested works to greatly widen a road brushing the 14th Century Visoki Decani Monastery — one of Kosovo’s top mediaeval Serbian monuments.

Source: Kosovo’s rival communities reach deal on World Heritage site

If God created Earth, he was surely generous when he created Metohija; Veljko Odalovic; New Europe

If we look at our planet as a consequence of plate tectonics, then the whole area bordered by Mokra Gora, Mounts Prokletije and Pastrik, and the Junicke and Sharr mountains can, without it coming across as false modesty, be considered the most beautiful. Metohija has every reason to be called an earthly paradise.

Source: If God created Earth, he was surely generous when he created Metohija

The Seven Serbian Wonders of Construction; WorldAtlas

Serbia – Studenica Monastery

Serbia houses some amazing constructional wonders like the Subotica City Hall, Belgrade Fortress, Studenica monastery, and more.

The Seven Wonders of Serbia contest was held in 2007 and 2008. The Politika Magazin organized the contest which was patronized by the Tourist Organisation of Serbia. Two lists were created, the “Seven Serbian Wonders of Construction” and the “Seven Serbian Wonders of Nature.” Here we present the winners of the “Seven Serbian Wonders of Construction”.

7. Subotica City Hall

The Subotica City Hall is located in the city of Subotica. The city is famous for its host of buildings built in the art nouveau style. The most remarkable among these constructions is the City Hall and the Synagogue. The former was built between 1908 and 1910. The architects Marcell Komor and Dezső Jakab designed the building. The City Hall has a Blue Fountain and a magnificent park in the northern part.

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