World Heritage Status And Opportunities For Tourism; Henry Fraser; Business Barbados

Barbados – Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison

The UNESCO designation of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison as a World Heritage site creates all kinds of opportunities for business in Barbados, related to our rich history. For 200 years tourism in Barbados WAS what we can only call heritage tourism, while some visitors came for health reasons, such as George Washington and his brother in 1751. Visitors were interested in places from Sam Lord’s Castle to St. John’s Church, St. Michael’s Cathedral to St. Nicholas Abbey. And hotels like the Atlantis, the Crane and the “lovely lost lady”, the Marine, were the hosts.

Our UNESCO branding intersects with a whole new era of tourism – the re-birth of the intimate inn, through the development of the phenomenon Airbnb. This exponentially growing business, now worth more than a billion dollars, is based on the same principal as the little family run, intimate hostelry or bed and breakfast, making good use of what’s there. Here’s the Wikipedia definition of a bed and breakfast: “A bed and breakfast (typically shortened to B&B or BnB) is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast.

Source: World Heritage Status And Opportunities For Tourism – Business Barbados


Tips on What to Do in Barbados – A Destination for All Ages; Jane Dempster-Smith; Y Travel

Barbados – Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison

Planning a trip to Barbados? Check out these insider tips on what to do in Barbados for all the family from kids, to teens, to couples and solo travelers!

“Woh, I’m going to visit Barbados, woh backa to the palm trees …”

Just the word Barbados sends us back to 1975 and the hit song “Barbados” by the British Band Typically Tropical.

A trip to Barbados conjures up images of swaying palm trees, turquoise clear seas, long silvery sandy beaches and cocktails at sunset, a tropical paradise in the Caribbean.

In 2016 CN Traveler voted Barbados as the number 2 most beautiful island in the Caribbean.

For three months we lived like a local enjoying all that Barbados had to offer.

A budget holiday it is not, most islands around the world are expensive, and a Barbados vacation is one of them.


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Barbados at 50: Home of Rihanna, cricket and coucou; Andree Massiah; BBC

Barbados – Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison

Happy birthday Barbados!

The Caribbean island is 50 years old on 30 November – more to the point, it’s 50 years since it gained independence from the UK.

There are a few things you may already know about this island of a little more than 280,000 people: it was a centre of sugar production, has produced numerous world class cricketers, and is the birthplace of iconic pop star Rihanna.

So as Barbados celebrates its golden year of independence, here are some more facts that you may not know about the island.

It’s just like England, sort of

Due to its past colonial ties with the UK, Barbados is often referred to as Little England. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were wandering around England too (hot climate aside), especially with place names such as Hastings, Worthing, and Dover.

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