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I photographed Namibia’s remote desert after ultra rare rains transformed it into an oasis. It’s a trip I’ll never forget; Jay Caboz; Insider

Photo: Jay Caboz

Namibia is known for its hot, dusty desert, but photographs show what it looks like after ultra-rare rains transformed it into an oasis.

Source: I photographed Namibia’s remote desert after ultra rare rains transformed it into an oasis. It’s a trip I’ll never forget.

A desert that meets the sea: Of aliens and other key facts about Africa’s Namib Desert; India Times

The coastal desert of Namibia is located along Africa’s Atlantic coast towards the south-west. The high sand dunes of Namib Desert and the point where the desert meets the sea are the key attractions of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Source: A desert that meets the sea: Of aliens and other key facts about Africa’s Namib Desert

Namib Sand Sea – First prize of heritage photo contest; Unesco


Namibia – Namib Sand Sea

An exceptional photo of the Namib Sand Sea presented by Mrinal Mohit won the first prize in the photo contest organized on Instagram by the World Heritage Centre (WHC) and the African World Heritage Fund (AWHF) on the occasion of the third edition of the African World Heritage Day (5 May). The contest closed on Monday 30 April 2018 after three weeks of competition, and with the submission of nearly 1700 photographs expressing the richness and diversity of the African cultural and natural heritage.

A jury evaluated and selected the photographs of the candidates according to their creativity and content. The photographs selected are:

  1. Namib Sand Sea, Namibia by Mrinal Mohit (@Wowitsmrinal, USA). He won a trip for two to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park.
  2. Stone Town of Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania by Machano Ashraki Mussa (@Ash_gallery17, United Republic of Tanzania) who won a stay for two to explore Robben Island.
  3. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda by Rogers Etimu (@Etimurogers, Uganda) who won a stay in Cidade Velha, Historic centre of Ribeira Grande.

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No exploration at Namib Sand Sea – Shifeta; Nampa

Namibia – Namib Sand Sea

THE Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) has decided that no exploration of minerals will occur within the Namib Sand Sea World Heritage site at Sossusvlei in the Hardap region.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Namib Sand Sea as a world heritage site in Windhoek on Friday, environment minister Pohamba Shifeta said all exclusive prospecting licences which existed for the site have not been renewed, after it was inscribed a heritage site on 21 June 2013 by Unesco.

“The government is committed to meeting its obligations by ensuring that activities that are not consistent with world heritage sites shall not be allowed to take place at this important site,” he stated.

At the time of the inscription of the site, only two mining exploration licences had been issued, but had expired, and could not be renewed due to the significance of the site.

The Namib Sand Sea is situated within the Namib-Naukluft National Park, which is the largest protected area in Africa with a size of 49 768 square kilometres. It is under the environment ministry’s management.

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11 Beautiful Places You Have To See In Namibia; Lloyd; Hand Luggage Only

Namibia – Twyfelfontein or /Ui-//aes

Resting just above South Africa, Namibia is one epic country to visit in Africa. Of course, Africa is a diverse and incredibly beautiful continent; with places like Morocco, South Africa, Kenya and, of course, Namibia being proper-beautiful countries to visit.

The best thing of all about Namibia is its eye-opening landscapes that, I swear, compare to nowhere else in the world.

From bustling little towns, incredibly vast deserts to beautiful mountain ranges, it’s one place you should definitely think of visiting when in the southern hemisphere of Africa.

Pack your camera, take a few extra memory cards and make some space to squeeze me in your luggage too! You’re going to love Namibia. 💙

1.) Visit the semi-nomadic Himba 

The Himba people are some of the last semi-nomadic people in all of Namibia.

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