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Why Adventure Travelers Are Obsessed With This Tiny Patch of Jungle; Jen Rose Smith; Fodors

There is a recent trend in adventure travel of tourists flocking to the Darién Gap, a small jungle patch that is the only break in the 30,000-mile Pan-American Highway, which passes through 14 countries as it winds from Alaska to Argentina. After severing in Yaviza, the route starts back up in Colombia, the two dangling ends a tantalizing 60 miles apart. The area can be quite dangerous–here’s what you need to know about it.

Source: Why Adventure Travelers Are Obsessed With This Tiny Patch of Jungle

How a Deadly Prison Island Became a Natural Paradise; Sarah Gibbens; National Geographic

Panama – Coiba National Park and its Special Zone of Marine Protection

For almost 100 years, Coíba was inhabited only by criminals and political prisoners. Now it’s one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet.

Beautiful but extremely dangerous—that’s how many Panamanians think of the island of Coíba 30 miles from their southern coast.

The largest island of the 38 islands contained in Coíba National Park, Coíba is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Containing just over 120,000 acres, it makes those who visit its shores feel as if they’re stepping back in time to an era when the Earth was undeveloped. In addition to the 1,450 plant species on the island, Coíba’s forests are filled with hundreds of unique animals, and pristine coral reefs lie just beyond Coíba’s beaches.

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8 endangered UNESCO sites to see now; Jen Rose Smith; CNN

Panama – Fortifications on the Caribbean Side of Panama: Portobelo-San Lorenzo

(CNN) – Florida manatees swim and sleep in the sunshine and golden-brown panthers prowl the shady forests at Everglades National Park.

A swampy wilderness of gnarled cypress stands and waving sawgrass just beyond Miami’s suburbs, this 1.5 million-acre UNESCO World Heritage Site can seem timeless.
But rising sea levels have spiked the fresh groundwater beneath the Everglades with salt, and plants and wildlife must quickly adapt to new conditions to survive.
That’s why the Everglades are among the eight World Heritage Sites in the Americas included in UNESCO’s list of “World Heritage in Danger,” an exclusive club of 55 destinations, dominated by war-torn countries and terrorist hotspots.
Stretching from the Florida backwoods to an ancient Peruvian city and ghostly Chilean mines, these eight sites are some of the Americas’ most extraordinary places.

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Panama’s sights span centuries as its canal joins oceans; Lini S Kadaba; Inquirer

PANAMA CITY, Panama – Our speedboat trail of white foam stretches in a wide arc far behind as we race across Lake Gatun. We’re searching for monkeys on the islands scattered across this massive man-made lake.

As the boat nears the promisingly named Monkey Island, it pulls close to the bank where several tree branches overhang the water. There!

The ranger whispers that the little creatures with red patches of hair behind their ears are tamarin monkeys. They scamper through the lower branches, and two jump onto the bow of the boat, jostling for tidbits of food that the guide unfortunately offers. Still, we get a close-up view. The tamarins soon retreat, and the guide points out black-mantled howler monkeys, including a baby, up in the foliage.

This is Day Three of our week here.

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