Now Is the Time to Visit Vilnius, Lithuania’s Sophisticated Capital; Rima Suqi; Architectural Digest

As the Daniel Libeskind–designed MO Modern Art Museum opens, the city prepares for its global close-up—and deservedly so…

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Arty, hipster and a country within a country: Welcome to the Republic of Užupis; Richard Franks;


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10 Things To Do in Vilnius, Lithuania; Amanda; Kevin & Amanda

Planning a trip to the Baltic states? If you’re thinking about going to Estonia and Latvia, you may be considering Lithuania as well. Here are the best things to see and do in the capital city of Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Travel Guide to Vilnius, Lithuania: what is there to see and do; Laura Pidgley; Travel Magazine

Vilnius is just starting to earn a reputation for itself as one of Europe’s hottest city-break destinations. So what shouldn’t you miss during a break to the Lithuanian capital?

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The Magical Country Of Lithuania And Why You Should Put Vilnius On Your Bucket List; Jim Dobson; Forbes

Lithuania’s capital city of Vilnius makes for an unforgettable weekend retreat complete with art walks, gourmet food, dramatic history and hot air balloon adventures.

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5 reasons you must visit Lithuania in 2018; Wanderlust

In 2018, Lithuanian celebrates the 100th anniversary of the restoration of its statehood. From a new seaside cycle route to unique folk festivals, here are five ways you can join the party

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The Most Beautiful Place to Visit in Every European Country; BARBARA WOOLSEY & JONATHAN MELMOTH; Thrill List

Lithuania – Curonian Spit

Dreaming of a trip to Europe? Well, it’s time to get more specific. There’s a grand total of 48 countries across this ultra-diverse continent, from Iceland in the north to Cyprus in the south, and even out to the Ural Mountains in Russia. To help you decide where to plonk your American booty next, here’s the most flat-out gorgeous spot in each and every one of ‘em.


Ksamil Beach

Is Albania at the top of your beach vacation wishlist this summer? Didn’t think so. Maybe that’s because you haven’t seen the beach at Ksamil, the jewel of the Albanian Riviera, with dazzling white sand, turquoise water, and three idyllic islands in the bay. Don’t forget your snorkel.


Lagos de Tristaina

These high-mountain lakes are your reward for taking on the Estanys de Tristaina hiking trail, a 3-mile route next to the French border in the north of this bite-sized principality. Free-grazing horses hang out up here, presumably for the killer combination of fresh water and awesome views. Take a picnic, and something to wear for your well-earned dip.


Tatev Monastery

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The Most affordable Places in Europe Right Now; Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington; Travel & Style

Lithuania – Vilnius Historic Centre

Europe on the Canadian or US dollar can be pricey with the conversion. But these up-and-coming destinations are not only more affordable, but equally as charming.

Lisbon, Portugal

This coastal city is a little bit like Spain, a little bit like Italy and a little bit like the Mediterranean, but without the steep costs. Despite growing popularity, Portugal and Lisbon have remained relatively cheap when it comes to food, wine, hotels, hostels and transportation. Another great selling point of Lisbon? It’s close to other areas of interest in Portugal like Porto, Evora, and the Algarve. It’s the perfect sized city (not too big or overwhelming) and has a thriving foodie, coffee and nightlife scene.

Hamburg, Germany

While Munich and Berlin get much of the attention when it comes to Germany, exploring some of the country’s other cities means you’re more likely to get a deal. Hamburg is a city next to the water and has an incredible arts scene, food scene and music scene as well. What also makes it super affordable is the multitude of free things you can experience in this city.

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Strolling Through Lithuania’s Freest Neighborhood; Dan Peleschuk; Ozy

Lithuania – Vilnius Historic Centre

This self-proclaimed independent neighborhood is the Brooklyn of Lithuania.

Wandering across the serene Vilnia River in historic Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, into the quaint and compact neighborhood of Užupis, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After all, this is the kind of place whose reputation precedes it: Once a dubious den of drugs and crime, Užupis has blossomed during the past two decades into a colorful community of oddballs and freethinkers. This is Lithuania’s freest neighborhood.

Shortly after the country declared its independence from the Soviet Union in 1990, Užupis did the same — but from the rest of Lithuania. Locals drafted a constitution, which, though purely symbolic, conveys a simple spirit through 41 articles such as: “Everyone has the right to be unique.” Each article, translated into two dozen languages and etched on a silver plaque, hangs side by side on a wall on Paupio Street.

Like the Brooklyn of Lithuania, Užupis is brimming not only with hippies and artists, but also fancy coffee shops and yuppies with kids. Tinged with equal parts grit and glamor, it’s caught in an ever-shifting balance between gentrification and authenticity.

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40 fairy-tale European towns to visit this Christmas; Alex Walker; Easy Voyage

Lithuania – Vilnius Historic Centre

Instead of bringing the Christmas fairy tale to you, this year it’s time to seek out your own one.


Where better to enjoy a Christmas adventure than Lapland? Rovaniemi is the capital of the region and, most importantly, the official home of Santa Claus – ‘his Buckingham Palace’ if you will. With over 10,000 students, it’s not simply a great place to take children but one where all manner of fun abounds. And if you’re seeking the spectacular, Rovaniemi is also a great spot to take in the Aurora Borealis. Who needs twinkling Christmas lights when nature will do it for you?


The scenery surrounding this Alpine village – the imposing Dachstein mountains and the serene lake Hallsätter See – are matched only by the chocolate box beauty of the town itself.

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