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Six of the best: Baltic beaches; Emerging Europe

The Baltic Sea may not be as warm as thte Med or the Aegean – to say the very least – but the thousands of beaches in the region are amongst the widest, wildest and sandiest in all of Europe. Many are also quite often deserted. Even during high summer you need not worry about somebody knocking over your sandcastle on the endless stretches of white beach.

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Discover UNESCO Sites – Curonian Spit; EpicWander

The Curonian Spit is a unique and vulnerable, sandy and wooded cultural landscape on a coastal spit with small Curonian lagoon settlements.

This extended sand dune peninsula is 98 km long and 0.4-4 km wide. Its human habitation dates back to prehistoric times. During this period, natural forces of wind and wave have threatened the spit. Only continuous human efforts to fight the erosion of the Spit have made possible its survival today.

Transboundary site

The Curonian Spit is a transboundary property, belonging both to the Klaipeda Region (Lithuania) and the Kaliningrad District (Russian Federation). The status of their respective National Parks guarantees the protection of the cultural landscape. They share the common goal of preserving the natural and cultural attributes of the property.

Formation and Evolution

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Week 2 of the Mongol Diaries in Pictures: Lithuania to Russia; Diana Lee; Huffington Post

Photo: Huffington Post

The second week of Diana Lee’s 10,000 mile road trip across the Eurasian continent marked a watershed moment — she had officially exited the nations commonly defined as “Western European,” and entered the Baltic countries, a region that was new and exciting for all of us.

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