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Exploring the world of island vineyards; KVIA

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Plonk Wine Club takes readers on a journey to explore the most prominent island vineyards around the world, from the Canary Islands to Corsica.

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20 Things To Do In Porto; Stephen Smith; Travel 2 Next

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Porto is Portugal’s second city, with the greater metropolitan area having a population of around 2.4 million. It sits in the north of the country on the estuary of the Douro River as it reaches the Atlantic Ocean. Its rich history dates back to Roman times, while visitors will also see evidence of Portugal’s ‘Age of Discovery’ when its explorers sailed to far-flung places. Porto is the birthplace of Dom Henrique, Duke of Viseu, better known as Henry the Navigator, who was central in developing the Portuguese Empire in the early 15th century. Porto’s historic centre was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1996, and visitors will soon realise why as they begin to explore the city.

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27 Best Places & Cities in Portugal to Visit; Stuffed Suitcase

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Portugal is a beautiful country with plenty to see and do. From its stunning beaches to its ancient cities, here are the 27 most beautiful cities, towns, and places you need to visit in Portugal. I’m including a map to help you plan your trip and discover some of the prettiest Portuguese cities. Overwhelmed with planning your trip to Portugal?

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Exploring Porto and the Douro Valley; Claire; From The Grapevine

Porto, Portugal’s second city, is famed for its port wine production—one of the world’s most popular alcoholic drinks. But this handsome-looking northern Portuguese destination offers so much more with its wealth of historic visitor attractions and the nearby Douro Valley to explore. Click through and discover more about the city and its region.

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