9 reasons to fall in love with Vietnam; Rushitha; Tripoto

Viet Nam – Ha Long Bay

Xin Chao! That’s how you say hello in the land of ascending dragon!

Vietnam is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after destinations in Southeast Asia. Having come back from a 2-week trip to Vietnam in September, I realized that the country surely has a lot to offer. With breath-taking landscapes, delicious street food, captivating history and friendly people, Vietnam lets you experience its unadulterated culture as it is. So, if you’re contemplating where to holiday next, then look no further. Vietnam fits perfectly into the check-list of every kind of traveller and here’s why I feel so.

#1. Breath-taking landscapes

Vietnam is still considered an offbeat holiday choice when compared to its neighbouring countries like Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore. The country subtly boasts hidden gems along with other popular landscapes. You’ll only keep asking for more.

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Wonderful Indonesia Festival to be held in Vietnam; Jakarta Post

Viet Nam – Hoi An Ancient Town

Vietnam has a total population of 94.3 million people and 47.3 of them are active internet users.

The Tourism Ministry is going to hold Wonderful Indonesia Festival Vietnam 2017 at AEON Mall Tan Phu Celadon, Vietnam, on Dec. 8-10.

Vietnam is a potential market for tourism in Indonesia as both countries are in Southeast Asia thus tourists from Vietnam don’t have to apply for a visa before entering Indonesia, and the travel duration between Vietnam and Indonesia is less than 10 hours.

The location of the event is one of the biggest shopping malls in South Vietnam. This event will focus on continuing the promotional program that focuses on branding and advertising and maintaining the presence of tourism in Indonesia in the Southeast Asian region.

For this event, the ministry is going to hold a media conference and conduct a co-branding agreement with ride-hailing app Grab Vietnam.

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Vietnamese cities among world’s top 100 foreign tourist destinations; Bong S Sarmiento; Travel Wire Asia

Viet Nam – Ha Long Bay

THREE Vietnamese cities are among the world’s top 100 travel destinations for international tourists, global business intelligence firm Euromonitor International said in its latest report.

Based on Euromonitor’s Top City Destinations Ranking report presented early this month at the World Travel Market event in London, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Ha Long are the three most-visited cities by international tourists arriving in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City was ranked 36th while capital Ha Noi and Ha Long claimed the 52nd and 56th spots, respectively.

Euromonitor projected that Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest city, would attract 5.5 foreign visitors this year while Hanoi and Ha Long were seen to welcome 4.3 million and 4 million international tourists, respectively.

According to the report, Asian cities dominate the global destination rankings due to the rise of Chinese outbound tourism demand.

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Ancient town and Andong, Korea to boost cultural exchange; VNS

Viet Nam – Hoi An Ancient Town

HỘI AN — The International Mask Arts & Culture Organisation (IMACO) and Andong City, Korea have agreed to work with the Hội An’s information and culture center to promote cultural exchanges in the coming years.

The parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Hội An on Wednesday on the occasion of the Andong City Cultural Day held in Hội An.

The two cities will host art performances, exhibitions and friendship exchanges. They will promote tourism and introduce each other’s cuisine through regular events.

The ancient town already has a history of cultural exchange with Gyeongsangbuk Province, where Andong is located.

In June, the art troupe of Hahoe Folk village, a UNESCO-recognised world heritage site in Gyeongsangbuk, performed mask dances in Hội An. In September, Vietnamese art troupes from Hội An also performed in the province.

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Plan helps protect aquatic resources in Ha Long Bay; VNA

Viet Nam – Ha Long Bay

Quang Ninh (VNA) – Ha Long city in the northern coastal province of Quang Ninh has issued a plan on intensifying measures to protect aquatic resources in Ha Long Bay – a UNESCO-recognised World Heritage Site – during the 2017-2020 period.

The plan aims to strengthen environmental protection, protect and reproduce aquatic resources, and put an end to all fishing activities in the absolute protection zone in the bay.

It also seeks to raise awareness of obeying the State, Quang Ninh province and Ha Long city’s regulations on seafood exploitation activities.

The plan is expected to be implemented from October 25, 2017 to December 2020 in the buffer and absolute protection zones in the bay.

Specifically, patrol is strengthened to detect and punish violations related to seafood exploitation and protection in coastal areas, especially in Ha Long and Bai Tu Long bays and banned fishing areas.

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‘A lost world below the surface’: Russian explorers film in world’s biggest cave with drone; RT World News

Viet Nam – Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

A group of Russian travelers explored one of the most spectacular yet least visited natural landmarks in the world – the Son Doong Cave located in the jungles of inland Vietnam.

The world’s biggest known cave, formed as a result of a cave in caused by a mountain river at least two million years ago, was stumbled upon by a local logger in 1991, who then lost its location before finding it again in 2009. At at its widest, it measures 150 by 200 meters, stretches for over 5 kilometers, and has a volume of 38,5 million cubic meters, about twice the size of the next largest underground hollow.

Son Doong was entirely closed to visitors until 2013, and the Russian team of six spent a year arranging permits for the trip.

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A maximum of 900 tourists to explore Son Doong in 2018; CPV

Viet Nam – Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

(CPV) – Oxalis Adventure Tours on November 1st opened ticket sales for tours to explore Son Doong Cave in the central coastal province of Quang Binh in 2018.

Accordingly, Quang Binh allows a maximum of 900 tourists to explore Son Doong cave with an itinerary of four days and three nights. Tourists will exit the cave by a different route, instead of returning back the way they came, like previous tours.

The new route offers favourable conditions and brings new experiences for conquerors, and is expected to attract more tourists to the cave in the coming time.

Established in July 2011, Oxalis Adventure Tours effectively exploited the tour to the world’s largest cave, contributing to meeting the needs on studying and exploring the global outstanding values of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage site of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.

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NA deputy proposes building cable car system in Phong Nha-Ke Bang; Tu Hoang; Saigon Times

Viet Nam –
Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

HANOI – National Assembly deputy Tran Cong Thuat of Quang Binh Province has suggested building a cable car system in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in the province to attract more tourists to Vietnam, though similar proposals have been rejected earlier.

Thuat said Quang Binh can develop tourism with its forests, beaches, heritage sites and especially Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park as a UNESCO-recognized World Natural Heritage site. The national park includes many caves and a diverse ecosystem over an area of more than 1,000 square kilometers.

According to a Government resolution and the Tourism Law, the province is eligible to develop tourism into a key economic sector, Thuat said at an NA discussion on October 31.

However, the province has faced numerous obstacles to boost tourism development, including a plan to develop a cable car system for Phong Nha-Ke Bang having been rejected.

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Top Places you can’t miss in Vietnam; Lauren McShane; The Travel Manuel

Viet Nam – Hoi An Ancient Town

From northern magnificence of Halong Bay to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An and the rice terraces of Sa Pa, Vietnam is a country brimming with beauty and endless opportunities for exploration. Here’s what not to miss..

Having lived in various parts of Asia spanning a total of about five years, we can definitely say that Vietnam is one of our favourite places on the continent. Given the warm climate, varied landscapes and magnificent natural beauty, vibrant people and delicious, healthy cuisine; there is very little we don’t love about this country. There is so much we still need to see here but here’s a list of some places you cannot miss when visiting:


When it comes to UNESCO World Heritage sites and ancient towns, Hoi An is right up there for us.

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Bringing Vietnam’s beauty to the world; Nhan Dan; VietNamNet

Viet Nam – Ha Long Bay

In 1976, Vietnam became an official member of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation, opening an important door to integrate Vietnamese culture into the world.

Thanks to the efforts of the Vietnam National Committee for UNESCO (UNESCO Vietnam) and the people over the past 40 years, the image of Vietnam, with its long history and humanistic heritages, as well as the positive contributions towards international cooperation, has been deeply embedded in the hearts of our international friends

After becoming a member of UNESCO, Vietnam introduced the image of a peaceful and resilient country, in building and defending the nation, to the world.

Vietnam was elected as a member of the UNESCO Executive Council (1978-1983) and established a representative office at UNESCO in 1982.

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