Cairo is a feast for all the senses; Neeta Lal; Rediff

Egypt – Historic Cairo

Neeta Lal can’t get enough of Egypt’s capital.

Cairo, Egypt’s sprawling capital, is a maelstrom of sights, sounds and smells.

Peppered with Pharaonic sites, soaring minarets, Coptic churches, mosques and mausoleums, history jostles with modernity at every corner of this stunning, teeming city of 20 million people.

Dive right in for an immersive experience.

Watch graceful abaya (headscarf)-clad women with kohl-lined eyes glide about town with kids in tow.

Men in galabiyas (traditional robes) play backgammon and suck shishas (hookahs) outside cafes with pipes stuck in their mouths like oxygen tubes.

Kamikaze vehicles belching noxious fumes on gridlocked roads, scooters hauling families of four and mules pulling vegetable carts add diversity to the moving landscape.

“As the cultural and artistic hub of the Middle East, Cairo is known as ‘Umm al-Dunya’ or mother of the world,” our guide Abdel Kawy tells us as we amble across the Kasr el-Nil Bridge towards the storied Tahrir Square, stopping for a moment to take in the view.

The iconic square is the pivot around which all of Cairo seems to flow.

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