Slipping into the Vulcano Island Mud Baths; Lance Longwell; Travel Addicts

Italy – Isole Eolie (Aeolian Islands)

Like many of our trips, this one started out with a simple musing: “I wonder if they have any hot springs in Sicily.” We’re passionate about hot springs. One of our favorites was the Saturnia hot springs in Italy, so revisiting the country made us want to search out another. And last year we visited a hot springs inside a volcano. We figured since they have volcanoes in Italy, maybe we would get lucky, but had no idea it would lead us to the Vulcano Island mud baths.

I remember the day Laura asked me the question, “Did you know they have sulfur hot springs on an island off Sicily?” I’d spent all my time trying to find a hot springs on the island of Sicily that the rest of the country really wasn’t on my radar. I certainly hadn’t heard of an island chain call the Aeolians. And then she dropped the bombshell. “But they really aren’t natural springs pools – they are hot mud baths.” And just like that, we had a new mission and the Vulcano mud baths were on the agenda.

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