Afghanistan- Minaret of Jam documentation short video revealed; MenaFM

Afghanistan – Minaret and Archaeological Remains of Jam

UNESCO on Sunday revealed a short video summarizing its thorough documentation works on the ‘ of Jam’ in western province.

The Minaret of Jam, one of ‘s most prominent, was included in the UNESCO list of ‘ Heritage Properties in Danger’ in 2002.

A statement from UNESCO said the video is now available on social media website Youtube.

In September 2017, a mission took place for a thorough documentation of the Minaret of Jam with international assistance from World Heritage Fund and UNESCO’s Heritage Emergency Fund and with the strong endorsement of the Presidential Palace.

The Presidential Palace provided all of the security and logistic arrangements and the mission was critical to assess the current state of the minaret and surrounding archaeological area.

The Minaret of Jam is located in Ghor province around 200km east of western Herat City at the confluence of Hari Rud and Jam Rud rivers.

Its isolated location may have prevented the monument from intentional destruction in the past, but in return, this isolation poses serious challenges today in terms of accessibility, feasibility of conservation and stabilization works and long-term maintenance.


Source: Afghanistan- Minaret of Jam documentation short video revealed


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