7 Incredible travel experiences in Peru that will enrich your life; Wanderlust

Peru – Sacred City of Caral-Supe

Peru is rich in unforgettable experiences; from exploring rainbow-coloured mountains and ancient cities to witnessing the flight of the mighty Andean condor…

1: Soak up the colours of the Rainbow Mountain

“Is that real?” is a common question from anyone seeing photos of Peru’s Rainbow Mountain for the first time. That’s understandable, given that the colourful stripes across the mountain look like they’ve been painted by a giant with a box of paints.

Mother Nature, or, as they say in Peru, Pachamama is responsible, though, the coloured stripes caused by geological activity, different combinations of minerals and oxidation, and weathering.

Many peaks in the Ausangate mountains, 100 kilometres from Cusco, are richly coloured, but Rainbow Mountain, otherwise known as Vinicunca, is the best known, not least due to it’s Instagrammable appearance, a massive slab of striped rock, from red and pink to lavender and turquoise.

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