Levoca Heritage Site / Pamiatková rezervácia Levoca (North-East Slovakia); Waymarking


Slovakia – Levoča, Spišský Hrad and the Associated Cultural Monuments

The reverse side of this Slovak 20 € commemorative silver coin depicts key landmarks of UNESCO World Heritage Site town Levoca – Renaissance Old Town hall and Gothic Church of St. James.

The reverse features part of St. James’s Church (including the steeple) and the Old Town Hall. The composition is set in front of a Gothic window, below a trefoil at the top of the window and above altar decorations at the bottom of the window. To the left of the composition is the coat of arms of Levoca. Inscribed above the lower edge of the central field, on two lines at left, are the words “PAMIATKOVÁ REZERVÁCIA” (Heritage Site), and, at right, the town name “LEVOCA”.

The town of Levoca grew up at an intersection of trade routes below the Levoca Mountains in eastern Slovakia.

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