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8 Amazing Historical Sites To Experience In Africa; Sarah Kingdom; TravelAwaits

From Olduvai Gorge to Lalibela, these are the historical places that belong on your next African itinerary.

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The story of an ancient civilisation; Mazwi Shamu; Sunday Mail

With Zimbabwe having turned 40 this year, there is no better commemoration than telling the story of the Great House of Stone.

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Looted Zimbabwe national bird statues returned to first home; Ish Mafundikwa; AFP

They figure on Zimbabwe’s national flag, banknotes and official documents — birds representing stone statues taken by colonialists more than a century ago. The eight original sculptures hold great spiritual value for people of the southern African nation and have been made into national emblems

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What Was Great Zimbabwe?; Geoffrey Migiro; World Atlas

Great Zimbabwe was a city that served as the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe during its Late Iron Age. Discover some interesting facts about this ancient city in this article.

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The Impact of Prejudice on the History of Great Zimbabwe; Jessica Liew; Ancient Encyclopaedia

Source: The Impact of Prejudice on the History of Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe; Mark Cartwright; Ancient History Encyclopaedia

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Top Five World Heritage Sites In Africa You Should Know About; PH; How Africa

Zimbabwe – Great Zimbabwe National Monument

There certainly are many things to divide us, but there is one aspect of Africa that can’t be argued over our natural heritage. Proof of that can be found in the amount of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that we have spread out around our continent.

Here are a few top World Heritage sites around Africa that will allow a moment to appreciate our continent’s beauty and how privileged we really are to call it home.

1. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda

This isolated forest is the most diverse in East Africa, with more than 160 species of trees and 100 species of ferns. It gets its name from having a very dense cover of herbs, vines and shrubs, with steep ridges and slippery valleys. The terrain is difficult to explore, giving it a truly adventurous side.

Appreciate this: More than half of the world’s Mountain Gorilla population can be found here and you can go on a gorilla trekking expedition to observe them and see just how closely we’re related.

2. iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa

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The stone kingdom of the Great Zimbabwe; Lex Vambe; Zimbabwe News

Zimbabwe – Great Zimbabwe National Monument

In the southeastern hills of Zimbabwe, not too far from Lake Mutirikwe, visitors will find one of the most stunning historical monuments in Africa; The UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Great Zimbabwe.

The ruins of the Great Zimbabwe are said to be the capital of the Queen of Sheba, at least that is what the legend claims. Instead, it is believed that members of the Gokomere culture, ancient relatives of today’s modern Shona people are the ones who constructed the stone edifices.

The ruins form three distinctive architectural groups, the Hill Complex, the Valley Complex and the Great Enclosure. The Hill Complex is the oldest and was occupied from the 9th to the 13th centuries. The Great Enclosure was occupied from the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries and the Valley Complex from the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries.

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Zimbabwe’s Rulers Use a Monument’s Walls to Build a Legacy; Norimitsu Onishi; The New York Times

Zimbabwe – Great Zimbabwe National Monument

GREAT ZIMBABWE NATIONAL MONUMENT, Zimbabwe — Black Africans could never have built the Great Zimbabwe monument, or so the white rulers used to say.

Clearly, it was made by the Phoenicians or other visitors from faraway places, they insisted. Never mind that archaeologists and carbon dating had confirmed the obvious: that the monument was constructed by the ancestors of the Africans living nearby.

The Great Zimbabwe, a Unesco World Heritage site that is one of the few surviving precolonial monuments in sub-Saharan Africa, has long been the continent’s fiercest archaeological battleground. Europeans used its supposed foreign origins to justify their domination. Liberation fighters used it as a rallying cry for their cause, eventually naming their newly independent nation after it.

But the fight over the Great Zimbabwe did not end with independence.

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