World’s 10 Best Spots for Exploring Ancient Ruins; KC Dermody; Trips To Discover

Most of us are so busy taking advantage of all those high-tech devices in our modern world that we forget…

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Five Colorado experiences agents need to sell in 2019; Christian Fleetwood; Travel Weekly

Renowned for champagne powder in the winter and a summertime of enchanting wildflowers, Colorado is an undeniable feast for the five senses.

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Mesa Verde National Park; Planeta

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Mystery of the Mesas; Tracey & Bruce Sivalingam; Perth Now

During a recent trip to Colorado, readers Tracey and Bruce Sivalingam went off the beaten track in search of an ancient Native American civilisation.

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Southwest Colorado archeological destination home to one of the premier parks in the nation; North Texas e-News

Established by congress in 1906, Mesa Verde National Park is the first national park set aside to preserve the works of humankind. It is also a World Heritage Site, a designation granted by UNESCO to preserve and protect the cultural and national heritage of certain international sites.

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9 National Parks and Monuments in the American Southwest; KC Dermody; Trips To Discover

The American Southwest is filled with some of the country’s most impressive national parks and monuments. One of the best…

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Mesa Verde National Park calls out recent vandals on social media; Ryan Brower; GrindTV

USA – Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park is one of the rare national parks that not only preserve nature, but also preserve ancient cultures. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mesa Verde protects over 5,000 archeological sites while offering an intimate look into the Ancestral Pueblo people who lived in the southwest Colorado region.

In 2016, over 583,000 people visited the national park. Unfortunately, some visitors this year have decided to vandalize these ancient relics. Mesa Verde National Park used Facebook last Friday to highlight some of these recent atrocities and to educate the public on preventing these actions from occurring in the future.

In seven photos posted to Facebook, Mesa Verde National Park goes through an array of incidents and the repercussions of each. In many cases, not only are natural features like rocks and cliffsides ruined, but cultural artifacts as well.

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Mesa Verde National Park:Native American Architecture; Bram; Go 4 Travel Blog

USA – Mesa Verde National Park

In the southwestern corner of Colorado lies Mesa Verde National Park. This unique park is home to an impressive concentration of Native American ruins, including pit houses and cliff dwellings; protecting a tableland landscape covered with desert and woods.

UNESCO World Heritage in Southern Colorado

It’s this exceptional abundance of remnants of the once-thriving native culture and people known as the ancestral Puebloans, that makes Mesa Verde National Park a “must-visit park”. Mesa Verde is so important, both historically and culturally, that UNESCO designated it a World Heritage Site.

Mesa Verde means “green table” in Spanish, an appropriate name for this fertile landscape, including and surrounding various tablelands. During a visit to this park, you get to discover the history of the peoples who once called this place home.

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