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Welcome to America’s Most Popular National Park; Haley Littleton; REI Co-op

USA – Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky is teetering the line between use and overuse. Here’s what needs to happen to protect the United States’ most beloved park—and all of United States public lands. Anna King, of Greenville, South Carolina, remembers the synchronous fireflies of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. “One firefly goes off, sparking the others around them, and it’s like a blanket of flickering lights coming toward you,” she says.

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Lake by the dam in the Smokey Mountains by CaptDanger; Yahoo News

Photo: Yahoo News

This shot seemed magical when CaptDanger took it. The night sky clear and the low fog on the water. The bright lights of the dam illuminating the shorelines and the water. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a United States National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site that straddles the ridgeline of the Great Smoky Mountains, part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are a division of the larger Appalachian Mountain chain. The border between Tennessee and North Carolina runs northeast to southwest through the centerline of the park. It is the most visited national park in the United States. 

Source: Lake by the dam in the Smokey Mountains by CaptDanger