Two Sri Lankans conquer Mt.Kilimanjaro; We Report You Decide

Two Sri Lankans, Ranga Madupathma and Sudam Gamage, who climbed the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, returned…

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Tanzania Plans Kilimanjaro Cable Car; Leyla Brittan; Rock and Ice

The Tanzanian government is considering installing a cable car on Mount Kilimanjaro in an effort to boost tourist numbers by providing access for young children and elderly or disabled tourists. Kilimanjaro is the tallest …

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Your News: Bedford’s Barnett hikes Mt. Kilimanjaro; Deborah Caban; Bedford Minuteman

More than a decade ago, Denise Barnett of Bedford and members of her hiking group viewed a Boston Science Museum’s Omni Theater movie documenting a group ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro with members of her hiking group. Bernett decided she would take on the challenge sometime in her life.”I remember we all said as we were leaving the theater, ‘We can do that.’ They made it look so easy and it was beautiful,” said Barnett, in a recent interview.Barnett has hiked throughout New England…

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Top 7 World Heritage Sites in Africa you must visit before they disappear; Mildred Europa Taylor; Face2Face Africa

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20 spectacular mountains around the world that you need to see in your lifetime; Chelsea Davis; This Is Insider

Tanzania – Kilimanjaro National Park

From mountains with their own weather systems and unique worlds of biodiversity to mountains that literally separate countries and define landscapes, these incredible geological formations are nothing short of awe-inspiring. While some are recognized for their sheer height, others stun visitors with their vibrancy or dynamic shape.

You don’t need to be an expert rock climber or Bear Grylls to admire the tremendous beauty of the world’s most magnificent mountains. Sure certain sceneries are best viewed from the summits of the highest peaks on the planet, however, there are plenty that can be easily accessed by cable car or even tour bus.

Found on every continent across the globe, we’ve rounded up the top 20 mountains you need to see in your lifetime.

Mount Huangshan in southern Anhui Province, China

With its looming granite peaks, range of lush, diverse vegetation and famed sunrises, Mount Huangshan is commonly referred to as the “loveliest mountain of China.” With a title like that it’s no surprise that it’s inspired countless artists and writers with its unreal mountainous landscape.

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Chaotic Coexistence: 10 Volcano Tours Around The World; Brenda; Trip101

Tanzania – Kilimanjaro National Park

For as long as history has dictated, water bodies have been deemed the cradle of civilisation. Navigation, irrigation, sustenance, agriculture and, in modern times, electricity… But what about fire?

From Prometheus to Maui, legends and lore have written of audacious heroes; tricksters turn benefactors who let the warmth of flames fall into human hands. Fire is the saviour of humankind – as the only species on Earth who knows how to utilise its energy, we are thus rewarded with its benefits, from being able to cook to staying alive in harsh winters. Even beyond the narratives of mythology, humanity has long overlooked the blessing of fire and another cradle of wealth: volcanoes.

Since time immemorial, volcanoes have been a muse to religion and the arts.

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