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Photos of Istanbul’s beauty; Arka Roy Chowdhury; India Times

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Istanbul is a beautiful destination that is one of the oldest cities. It has seen so much of history, and there is so many cultural relics here that you will find yourself lost in a dreamy world. There is nothing quite like visiting a place that lies both in Europe and Asia. Celebrating cultures, stories, lives, cuisines, and more.

Source: Photos of Istanbul’s beauty

Should You Take Kids to Istanbul?; Melanie Haiken; Points Guy

Walking through the arrival doors of the vast and sparkling new Istanbul (IST) airport, Melanie Haiken was greeted by a colorful backlit photograph of Istanbul’s Bosphorus river with the slogan: “A glittering meeting of two continents.” Having read about Istanbul’s importance in world history as the intersection of Europe and Asia, Melanie was well ready to …

Source: Should You Take Kids to Istanbul?