The Best Castles in the World; Micki Kosman; The Bare Foot Nomad

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10 of the Best Cave Hotels in Cappadocia; Natasha; The World Pursuit


If you’re looking for the best cave hotels in Cappadocia get ready to be as mesmorized as the area boasts incredible places to stay.

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Cappadocia Attractions That Will Transport You to Another World; Helen; Not Without My Passport

If you have Turkey on your mind and are overwhelmed by the myriad of Cappadocia attractions to visit, consider a guided tour to explore the region’s crown jewels. A guided excursion will be served with the historical and cultural context that will truly bring them to life. A trip to Turkey wouldn’t be complete without the Cappadocian experience. There are only so many superlatives in the English language that can describe this region in central Anatolia, a historical and geological treasure that will leave you breathless.

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Runners flock to Turkey’s Cappadocia trail race; Anadolu Agency

A footrace in Turkey’s scenic Cappadocia region on Oct. 20-21 is expected to attract more than 2,000 runners from over 70 countries.

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Turkey: Why now is the time to visit the diverse and historic country; Clint Henderson; Fox News

More and more Americans and Europeans are rediscovering Turkey, a fascinating country where East meets West.

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Natural Wonders You’ve Never Heard Of; Kim Fredericks; Reader’s Digest

Turkey – Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia

You’ve heard about the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, and Victoria Falls, but these lesser-known, more remote natural wonders deliver a similar “wow” factor.

Salt flats of Uyuni, Bolivia

From lakes to deserts, Bolivia offers many natural wonders, including the world’s largest salt flat. Set in the southwestern part of the country, the Salar de Uyuni delivers 4,086 square miles of glistening white salt. “Few American travelers ever get to Bolivia, opting for more popular Peru, Chile, and Argentina,” says Rebecca Rhyan, destination specialist, Latin America, for Cox and Kings. “The salt flats are an other-worldly landscape for anyone who enjoys a bit of adventure.” Although the topography is mostly flat, the destination sits on the Altiplano at 11,995 feet above sea level; expect chilly temperatures when the sun goes down. Touring the destination with Cox and Kings includes breakfast in the middle of the salt flat on Pescado (fish island) and overnights in a stylish and luxurious Airstream camper.

Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

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Top 10 Family-Friendly Destinations For The June Holidays – Take Your Pick!; Abdul Asyraf; TripZilla

Turkey – Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia

Spend some quality time together by travelling to one of these destinations this June Holidays!

The June holidays are fast approaching, and there’s no better time than this for a… family holiday!

Taking a vacation as a family can be a daunting affair (think bulky prams and tantrums), but they are SO worth it when you return home with a renewed sense of closeness and precious memories with your dear ones! As much as it is a holiday for the little ones, I’m sure you parents want to relax and enjoy yourselves too. That’s why it’s extra crucial to source for family-friendly destinations that cater to a multi-generational crew.

Haven’t started sourcing out a destination for the June holidays? Well, fret not! Here’s a specially curated list of ten exciting family-friendly destinations that’ll give you enough travel inspiration to cover the school holidays for the whole year (and the next!). And if you don’t know where to start, keep calm and simply check out the best flights on Wego!

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Inside the hotel TripAdvisor users say is Turkey’s best; Ted Thornhill; Daily Mail

Turkey – Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia


  • The Kayakapi Premium Caves hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey, ranks 12th globally on TripAdvisor
  • The 43-room hotel, which opened in 2013, is top of the rankings in Turkey, and 12th for service
  • The Kayakapi Premium Caves hotel overlooks the city of Urgup in the Unesco-listed Kayakapi Neighbourhood

It’s Fred Flintstone’s dream destination.

These are the stunning cave pool suites at the Kayakapi Premium Caves hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey – the last word in prehistoric-style glamour and the hotel that TripAdvisor users say is the best in the country.

The caves were used as shelters and houses from the ninth century right through to 1961, but now they’re luxurious lodgings that come with plunge pools, air conditioning, iPhone docking stations, Wi-Fi and Nespresso machines.

The hotel’s top room is the ‘Grandiose Cappadocian Pool Mansion’, which comes with not one, but two pools (indoor and outdoor), plus a jaw-dropping view as standard.

But guests who don’t book one of the plunge pool rooms can still go for a dip, courtesy of a 90-square-metre pool that’s open to all (though it is unheated).

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Time travel in Turkey; Jane Mundy; The Province

Turkey – Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia

No trip to Turkey is complete without visiting magical Cappadocia, the majestic ancient ruins of Ephesus and the metropolis of Izmir.

Cappadocia is other-worldly, like stepping into a fairy tale. Its lunar landscape is best appreciated at sunrise from a hot-air balloon, drifting over fairy chimneys and fertile valleys of orchards and vineyards.

A few places like Goreme are Disneyesque, its Flintstones streets lined with ATV and scooter rentals (kids love it of course). But you can walk to other villages, find endless caves and rock-climbing opportunities bereft of tourists. And you can scramble around these shoot-up conical chimneys, some as high as 40 metres, the result of wind and rain action and eruptions of now extinct volcanoes. All that volcanic action also resulted in a rich soil where grapes thrive.

Our guide told us that Cappadocians kept pigeons for their guano, which was used to fertilize their fields, and it too proved to be the perfect primer for grapes. Add to that mix the nearby Red River and no wonder there are excellent wine-tasting experiences here, but that’s another story.

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Why Cappadocia Needs To Be On Your 2018 Bucket List; Erica Fong; Hong Kong Tattler

Turkey – Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia

Discover the land of fairy chimneys, cave homes and hot-air balloons

Taking flight

It’s 5am and we’re standing in a dark valley in Cappadocia. Severely jetlagged and shivering from the cold, our group of pan-Asian journalists can barely keep our eyes open, let alone see what’s in front of us … but no one’s complaining. Huddled around, cameras at the ready, we wait in anticipation as our hot-air balloon gets inflated.

Our eyes gradually adjust and the silhouettes of a dozen other hot-air balloons start to appear around us—their bulbous shadows blending seamlessly into the distant skyline of Cappadocia’s famed cave homes and fairy chimneys.

The result of millions of years of natural erosion, this otherworldly Anatolian landscape is what makes a hot-air balloon ride over Cappadocia such a coveted bucket list item.

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