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The oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world; Stars Insider

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There are many ancient cities, but not all of them have been continuously inhabited ever since the first settlements. Several cities, however, have been populated for millennia, and it seems like they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Most of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but some are sadly at risk of disappearing. In this gallery, we bring you some of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Click on to learn all about them.

Source: The oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world

Centuries-old bazaar in Syria’s Aleppo making slow recovery; Bassem Mroue; AP

Bit by bit, Aleppo’s centuries-old bazaar is being rebuilt as Syrians try to restore one of their historical crown jewels, devastated during years of brutal fighting for control of the city. The historic Old City at the center of Aleppo saw some of the worst battles of Syria’s eight-year civil…

Source: Centuries-old bazaar in Syria’s Aleppo making slow recovery

Renovations return bustle to part of Aleppo’s Old City; AFP

Syria – Ancient City of Aleppo

Under the centuries-old archways in an alley in Syria’s famed Aleppo Old City, a small glimpse of the once-bustling market reemerged on Thursday, despite the ravages of war.

Restoration work has brought a small part of the famed Old City’s market back to life, and the restored arches glowed in purple lighting as traders once again plied wares including the city’s famous olive oil soap.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Old City of Aleppo has been devastated by the war that began with anti-government protests in March 2011.

For four years, the Old City was a front line in the battle between rebels and government forces, who recaptured the city in full in December 2016.

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