The Church of Peace in Swidnica, Poland; Kallehaugerne; Waymarking

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Lower Silesia, Poland: 11 great places to see; Pavlo Fedykovych; CNN Travel

Poland – Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica
It’s an unsung region in the heart of Europe, but Poland’s Lower Silesia is packed with natural wonders, historic cities, splendid palaces and unsolved mysteries.
This southwest corner of the country has undergone a cultural change since World War II when the predominantly German-speaking province of the Free State of Prussia became part of the Republic of Poland.
Its rich and sometimes hard history makes it a fascinating region for exploration and one of the most interesting parts of Poland to visit. Here are 11 highlights to kick-start a tour of Lower Silesia.

1. Wrocław

With beautiful fairytale architecture and a picturesque Old Town, Wrocław is a standout not just of Lower Silesia but also Poland as a whole.

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Europe’s largest wooden church restored in Poland; AFP

Poland – Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica

Europe’s largest wooden church has recovered its original splendour after three years of restoration work, the coordinator of the project in southern Poland said Friday.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Lutheran Church of Peace in Swidnica was built in the mid-17th century and can hold up to 7,500 people. Its restoration was financed by Norway.

“It’s a great day for our church and for the entire little protestant community in Swidnica which wouldn’t have been able to finance the work by itself,” coordinator Bozena Pytel told AFP.

The work cost 4.1 million euros ($4.4 million) and notably involved restoring the organ, pulpit and altar “of what is an exceptional example of Baroque art”, Pytel added.

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