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Most Beautiful Cities and Towns in the Philippines; Sasha Lim Uy; Esquire Philippines

Sweeping natural landscapes, fascinating architecture, historical structures, and more.

Source: Most Beautiful Cities and Towns in the Philippines

5 Unique Things to Do and to See in the Philippines; Iuliia Tore; Rus Tourism News

The Philippines is not on many travelers radar but that seems to be changing. It is a logical destination for people looking for something unique.

Source: 5 Unique Things to Do and to See in the Philippines – Rus Tourism News

Vigan is One of Asia’s “Most Beautiful Towns,” according to CNN; Pau Gutierrez; Out of Town Blog

Vigan, a UNESCO World Heritage City, has been recognized by Atlanta-based media company CNN as one of the “most beautiful towns” in Asia.

Source: Vigan is One of Asia’s “Most Beautiful Towns,” according to CNN – Out of Town Blog

Department of Tourism hails CNN pick of Vigan as Asia’s most picturesque town; Asian Journal

Source: Balikbayan Magazine—The Global Business & Travel Briefing

Top 10 prettiest towns in Asia; The Thaiger

Tropical nights, curious mountain silhouettes, sprawling rice paddies and pungent cuisine. And some snow-topped mountains as well. The Thaiger has selected the Top Ten of these camera-worthy towns. Southern Asia is a concoction of the ancient, very modern, traditional and enigmatic. Amongst the islands, megacities and spectacular scenery there are also some very pretty towns…

Source: Top 10 prettiest towns in Asia | The Thaiger

Indigenous Filipinos gather in Ilocos; TDT; Daily Tribune

Forty indigenous Pinoys got selected and invited to showcase their culture and traditions to the annual cultural exchange program, Katutubo Exchange, held this year in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur from 5 to 7 October to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples’ Month. Cultural bearers from 13 indigenous communities from all over the country performed traditional dances, musical instruments, songs and chants and wore attires to better understand by the Ilocos peoples our cultural diversity as a…

Source: Indigenous Filipinos gather in Ilocos

Must-see Vigan tourist spots, Ilocos Sur; Noel; Travel Photo Discovery

Philippines – Historic City of Vigan

Must-see Vigan tourist spots, Ilocos Sur – touring the historic district, monument, landmarks and other must visit attractions in the city.

Vigan city in Ilocos Sur, located in the northwest region of Luzon in the Philippines is a beautiful Spanish colonial city. The city takes pride in its colonial past while mixing in some quirky, new and fascinating places to visit in the city and region.  If you are looking for something with more history and culture in your visit to the Philippines, check out these must see tourist spots in Vigan city, Ilocos Sur.

Where is Vigan city and why visit

Unlike the ugly urban sprawl and development of Manila and Cebu City, Vigan city maintains its unique character as a authentic Spanish colonial city, in a very compact space.

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Ticking the Boxes in Philippines; Rumela Basu; NatGeo Traveller

Philippines – Historic City of Vigan

History, wellness, wildlife and seafood in the island nation. Read more on Nat Geo Traveller India.


An adventurous 4×4 ride over the sandy coastal desert at La Paz Sand Dunes, in Ilocos Norte province, feels much like a dash across the Emirati deserts. The experience however is in complete contrast to everything else in Ilocos Norte’s capital, Laoag, where the most intrepid ride is one on a traditional horse carriage or kalesa (PHP2,000/Rs 2,500 per vehicle).

These kalesas (PHP150/Rs 190 per hour) also clatter on the cobbled streets of Vigan, the capital city of neighbouring province, Ilocos Sur. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vigan is the best preserved planned Spanish colonial town in all of Asia. Steep roofs and window panes fitted with a mosaic of capiz shells characterise most buildings here.

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A history of building: The Seven Man-made Wonders of the Philippines; MG Martin; Philippines Lifestyle News

Philippines – Historic City of Vigan

Without question, the Philippines is best known for its natural wonders, ranging from towering volcanoes to pristine coral reefs. While the country can’t boast anything truly monumental like the Pyramids of Giza or Mount Rushmore, it does have its fair share of remarkable constructions. Here is our pick of the Seven Man-made Wonders of the Philippines:

Banaue Rice terraces 

Arguably, this is the only man-made wonder on this list that is of truly global significance — indeed, the landscape is often known as The Eighth Wonder of the World.

At an estimated two-thousand years old, they are the most ancient in the world — and are still farmed today.

New flights from Clark Airport have made them more accessible than ever before.


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5 Things To Do In Vigan, Philippines For The Best Culture And History; Kaye; Trip101

Philippines – Historic City of Vigan

Vigan is one of the oldest cities in the Philippines and part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, due to its rich Hispanic towns and Spanish colonial history. To this day, its heritage is well-preserved most intricately. Each visit will always be consistently and beautifully nostalgic. Get to know the city more personally with these featured attractions.

1. Relive the steps of national heroes at Calle Crisologo

obblestones and calesas – these are the two things that make Calle Crisologo distinctly Filipino. The cultural and historical sentiment comes to life instantly, especially at night time with empanadas and other Vigan delicacies are up for grabs for anyone who would like to understand how it was in the Philippines during the Spanish era.

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Vigan example shows heritage and development are compatible; Augusto Villalon; Inquirer

Philippines – Historic City of Vigan

What is ordinary for some is extraordinary for others. This is a story of how something ordinary was turned by its community into something extraordinary.

For the resident community that lives its daily lives in any Philippine city, one sees the surroundings as ordinary stuff one sees day in and day out.

Because of familiarity, many fail to see the elements—geography, nature, streets and plazas, architecture—that make their city different, that make their city stand out, that make their city unique.

So it is no surprise that many Philippine cities are becoming more and more visually interchangeable: Downtown Tagbilaran looks very much like downtown Dagupan, which, in turn, looks like some streets in Quezon City.
All cities are beginning to exhibit the same types of buildings, same level of visual pollution and urban congestion.


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4 Notable Heritage Sites In PH You Should Visit Before Europe’s Tourist Spots; Bernard Joseph Esposo Guerrero; Choose Philippines

Philippines – Historic City of Vigan

The Philippines has a rich history and culture, but we sometimes do not understand the country well enough to realize to what extent. It is not a question of whether we have it or not. Rather, it is of how much we really know and are aware. One way to get reacquainted with the Filipino identity and our past is by taking what I would call as a heritage trail up north. The beauty of Northern Philippines lies on the fact that it is home to four UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites.

What does this mean?

A UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) is any given natural or cultural place, monument or landscape that holds outstanding universal values critical to the development of humanity, and which reflect diversity.

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