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Morocco’s ancient city of Volubilis rises again; Hamza Mekouar; AFP

Situated in a fertile plain at the foot of Mount Zerhoun, the sprawling remains of Morocco’s oldest Roman site — Volubilis — have survived pillage and long periods of neglect. After decades of decay, however, custodians of the now closely guarded ancient city have turned the page and are bringing…

Source: Morocco’s ancient city of Volubilis rises again

Volubilis Among the Seven ‘Newly Accessible Wonders of the World’; Morocco World News

Morocco – Archaeological Site of Volubilis

Rabat – If you are looking for off the beaten track travel destinations, offering you an escape from the crowds and with historic and architectural appeal similar to the world’s most famous monuments, then hurry up to discover the ruins of Volubilis before it gets on everyone’s bucket list.

Bloomberg  curated a list of seven “newly accessible” wonders of the world that include Volubilis, the magnificent Roman city located outside of Fez.

The list also includes the remains of the Royal Empire in India, the onetime Mayan capital in Guatemala, sprawling Roman mansions in Portugal, “pyramids on steroids” in Sudan, a lost city of Colombia, and a lion-shaped fortress in Sri Lanka. These underexplored destinations have as much to offer as the most famous touristic sites around the world.

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Fabulous Fez: Morocco’s Quiet Oasis, Part 2; R Couri Hay; TravelSquire

Morocco – Archaeological Site of Volubilis

Experience Morocco’s quiet oasis, the city of Fez along with Volubilis, a 2300 year-old Roman city. This peaceful Muslim country is inspiring and beautiful.

Having sat in the lap of luxury for most of our time spent in Marrakesh, we decided to get out on our own and rent a car. Our destination: the quiet oasis of Fez, a six and half hour drive from Marrakech, and well worth a few days.

Fez is actually three cities meshed into one: Fes El Bali, the old 8th-century medina, al-Aliya, the “new” medina dating from the 9th century and the modern city that has grown around them.

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