20 Great Spots Around Seoul for Date Inspiration; Michelle Wong; 10 Magazine

Here’s 20 great date ideas for when you need inspiration, all located in and around Seoul! From day trips to activities to do together, the best common and uncommon date courses are here.

Source: 20 Great Spots Around Seoul for Date Inspiration | 10 Magazine

15 Best Day Trips from Seoul; One Weird Globe

Written by travelers, our epic guide to the 15 best day trips from Seoul shows you the absolute best hidden gems the South Korean capital has to offer!

Source: 15 Best Day Trips from Seoul [2018 Epic Guide] | One Weird Globe

This itinerary is a great way to spend five days in South Korea; Marielle Ong; Project Vanity

Republic of Korea – Hwaseong Fortress

While taking the opportunity to hoard your fave K-beauty products at super cheap prices is a given, there is just so much more to see and do when you visit South Korea! Sure, it looks every bit as modern and hip as K-dramas show – after all it’s one of the world’s go-to inspirations for what is trendy in technology, entertainment, and beauty. After getting to experience it firsthand courtesy of the Korean Tourism Organization and Cebu Pacific though, I have to say that there are other elements that make the visit extra special!

Luckily, our tour group got to experience the vibrant colors of fall and the perfect sweater weather. It definitely added to the fangirl thrill of being in the birthplace of Hallyu and K-beauty! Being there and experiencing the energy of Seoul ultimately created a fondness for the country.

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10 Must-See Places in South Korea During the 2018 Winter Olympics; Benjamin Chasteen; Epoch Times

Republic of Korea – Hwaseong Fortress

As I ambled through the ancient Gyeongbokgung Palace, the scent of jasmine flowers filled the air, the sun shone through the mountain peaks, and pastel-colored cherry trees, filled with blossoms, lined the path; it felt as though life had truly slowed down and I had entered the past.

No one was checking their phones for Facebook responses, no one was rushing or pushing to get a photo, and everything was very calm and peaceful. I was surrounded with smiles from people wearing the traditional hanbok dress. I felt I really got a as close as to ancient life as possible without access to a time machine to bring me here.

People don’t just wear hanbok at festivals or to ancient temples, they also wear them while shopping and to work.

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Visiting Hwaseong Fortress as a Day Trip from Seoul; Ciaran Lawler; Tripzilla

Rep of Korea – Hwaseong Fortress

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, Hwaseong is a late 18th-century historic fortress that has become a prominent tourist destination in South Korea. The fortress circles the perimeter of the city of Suwon, which is about 30 kilometres away from Seoul, and makes for an ideal day trip from the capital. I opted to get there by taking the Seoul Subway Line 1 from Seoul Station to Suwon Station, and then taking a bus directly to Hwaseong.

The fortress was constructed by King Jeongjo, 22nd ruler of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea and traditionally regarded as a very strong leader, between 1794 and 1796.

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Top 13 Easy Day Trips to Take from Seoul; Ting; Tripzilla

South Korea – Hwaseong Fortress

Get out of Seoul for a day trip and visit places like Muuido Island, Paju, Yeongjondo and more. With so many attractions easily accessible by public transport, you have no excuse not to.

A trip to Korea need not simply have to be all about Seoul! Well, you can certainly base yourself in Seoul but be sure to take some day trips to make the most out of your stay. Day trips are actually pretty easy to plan out with the wide array of resources and options available in terms of transportation and activities. This article sums up the top 13 day trips to take from Seoul, covering the types of activities you can partake in plus the ways of getting there!

1. Hwaseong Fortress

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