Pollution puts Lamu Old Town’s world heritage status at risk; Thelma Mwadzaya; Deutsche Welle

Lamu is arguably the most unique and beautiful Swahili town in Kenya. But pollution is fast eroding the efforts to preserve the cultural richness of it’s historical town.

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Boda boda operators banned in Lamu after Unesco delisting threat; Cheti Praxides; The Star

Boda boda operators who shall be found operating inside the Lamu Old town will now be arrested and charged. The move is aimed at protecting the Old town as a heritage site. Lamu old town was listed by Unesco as a World Heritage Site in 2001. There has however been concerns over the rising trends of westernization in terms of architecture, dressing and trading that have attracted the concern of conservationists who feel the situation may result in the old town being delisted as a heritage site.

Source: Boda boda operators banned in Lamu after Unesco delisting threat

Why Kenyan Town Has Banned Boda Bodas; Miriam Musyoki; Kenyans

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Unesco status does not put food on the table, say residents; Cheti Praxides; The Star

Lamu Old Town risks losing its Unesco world heritage status in part due to the heavy presence of motorcycles and a booming boda boda business. Amid all the conservation talk, this small but steadily growing community of boda boda operators seems unbothered, as long as they put food on the table. Residents say the boda boda business has reduced mugging as well as the number of drug abusers, as many youths join the trade to earn a decent living.

Source: Unesco status does not put food on the table, say residents

The Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Kenya; Januaris Saint Fores; Wander Wisdom

Planning to travel to Kenya for a leisure trip? Then it’s time to learn about the main tourist attractions in Kenya! In this article, I will share the best places to visit in the country and the top things to do in these places.

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At heart of Lamu town is a peace haven; Kalume Kazungu; Daily Nation

Mkunguni Square is situated right in the middle of the Lamu Old Town.

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“We’ll be like a museum”: Lamu locals fear huge regional infrastructure plan; Nick Young; African Arguments

The multi-billion-dollar LAPSSET project promises to transform Kenya — including the oldest Swahili settlement on the African coast. This is the first part in a series looking into the effects of LAPSSET on local communities along its proposed route in: Lamu, Garissa, and Turkana. Along Manda Bay, the mangrove-lined lagoon on Kenya’s coast, a Chinese dredger scoops up millions of tons of sand and coral. Near the shore, a piledriver hammers huge pillars into the sea bed to anchor an 800-metre causeway where huge container ships will one day dock. This deep-water port is the first phase of an ambitious scheme […]

Source: “We’ll be like a museum”: Lamu locals fear huge regional infrastructure plan – African Arguments

5 charming towns and cities in Africa; Omotolani Odumade; Pulse

Kenya – Lamu Old Town

The continent is also home to charming towns and cities rich in history and culture.

Africa is not just about “the big five”, stunning deserts and savannahs.

The continent is also home to charming towns and cities rich in history and culture. Below are 5 must-visit towns and cities in Africa.

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town seems to be everyone’s favourite. The city is so vibrant and colourful with stunning beaches, beautiful mountains and vineyards.

You can take a cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain at sunrise or sunset to take in the beautiful views.

2. Lamu, Kenya

Lamu is another very laid-back coastal town in Kenya. It is one of Africa’s best-preserved Swahili settlements and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists can spend some time around the beautiful, narrow alleys in the old town. They can also relax at the nearby Shela Beach.

3. Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is one of the most beautiful towns to visit on the continent.

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14 Spellbinding Things to do in Kenya That Will Make You Book a Trip There Today!; Steph; Big World Small Pocket

Kenya – Lamu Old Town

One of the most diverse countries in East Africa, Kenya really does have it all.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate safari experience, a hiking adventure or a chance to relax on white sand beaches, this fantastic country has it all – at a good price too!

In between all this there’s an incredible array of cultures, stunning scenery and some of the friendliest people in the world.

And that’s why, whenever I get asked the question “I have 2-3 weeks to visit Africa, where should I go?”, my reply is always clear and quick… Kenya!

So to explain exactly why, here’s 14 spellbinding things to do in Kenya that will make you book a trip there today!

#1 Hit the Beach at Diani

Coming in first is one of Kenya’s biggest drawcards and, if you’re an ocean person, like me, then it’s likely to be one of your favourite spots in the country too.

Diani Beach really is Indian Ocean paradise, with white sand continually lapped by azures tides and palm trees that perfectly frame the picture.

Source: 14 Spellbinding Things to do in Kenya That Will Make You Book a Trip There Today!

Lamu expects 20,000 people for Maulid Festival; Kalume Kazungu; Daily Nation

Kenya – Lamu Old Town

Organisers say people have begun flocking to the town.

More than 20,000 people from across the world are expected to attend this year’s Maulid festival which kicks off on Tuesday on Lamu Island.

Lamu’s Maulid Festival Organising Secretary Ustadh Idarus Muhsin has said they have already begun receiving Kenyan and international visitors.


Speaking to the Nation in Lamu on Monday, Mr Muhsin said all preparations are set for the four-day event, which runs from Tuesday to Friday.

He said Muslim faithful from various Islands of Lamu County, including Faza, Kizingitini, Ndau, Tchundwa, Matondoni, Kipungani, Kiwayu and other places of the archipelago, have already begun flocking Lamu Old Town – a Unesco World Heritage site – to mark the event.

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