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How shows by shore are keeping Fort Jesus alive; Ishaq Jumbe; Standard Media

Broadcasts portray life before the fort, then takes the audience through specifications and fortifications that rendered it supposedly impregnable.

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500-Year-Old Fort Jesus in Mombasa on the Cusp of Collapse; John Wanjohi; Mwakilishi

Fort Jesus, Kenya’s historical monument located in Mombasa is reportedly on the cusp of crumbling.  The 500-year-old historical structure has allegedly developed cracks as a result of strong ocean waves. Amran Hussein, the Keeper, Antiquities, Sites and Monuments in the Coast region said the building, which was designed by Italian architect Joao Babtista Cairato developed a major fissure at its footing after it was hit by extremely strong water waves.

Source: 500-Year-Old Fort Jesus in Mombasa on the Cusp of Collapse

12 Things To Do In And Around Mombasa; Mark Rausch; AFK Travel

Kenya – Fort Jesus, Mombasa

Mombasa: the other big city besides Nairobi in Kenya. With over one million residents and thousands of visitors each year, the city on the Indian Ocean is a thriving, pulsating, beachfront, historical epicenter for the world. Here are 12 things to do, see, and feel in and around Mombasa.

Take A Trip To Haller Park

Also known as Bamburi Nature Trail, this wildlife reserve created out of the former limestone quarry is located on Mombasa Malindi Road, and features a flourishing ecosystem — zebras, giraffes, hippos, birds, Cape buffalo, and a great reptile corner.

Get A Great Photo Of The Mombasa Tusks

A photo opportunity beyond compare, the towering aluminum ‘M’ for Mombasa awaits as a crossroads in the center of the city — built to honor Queen Elizabeth’s trip to Kenya in 1952.

Dive At Mombasa Marine National Park

There’s a glass-bottomed boat for those who can’t endure the water, and there’s a diversity of sea friends not far down under which attracts thousands of divers and snorkelers each year. There’s also the wreck of the MV Dania, where plenty of seahorses are ambling around.

Explore Mombasa Island

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UNESCO World Heritage Site: Portuguese Fort Jesus In Mombasa, Kenya; Puja; Trip101

Kenya – Fort Jesus, Mombasa

Whilst being a little island, Mombasa is full of an abundance of unique sights including a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Fort Jesus. Fort Jesus is located at Nkrumah Road, Mombasa 80100, and is approximately 490 kilometres (304.5 miles) from the capital, Nairobi. It is positioned to guard and protect the Old Port of Mombasa from invasion and it was built and occupied first by the Portuguese. However, as Mombasa changed hands many times throughout its history, Fort Jesus was also under Arab, African and British control. It has been said that no other fort in Africa experienced as much turbulence as Fort Jesus due to its strategic location.

An incredible fort that was won and lost nine times

It was designed by Italian Joao Batista Cairato and it was built between 1593 and 1596 at the order of King Philip I of Portugal.

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Kenya’s bewitching beauty heritage sites can revive tourism; Douglas Kiereini; Business Daily


Photo: NMG

The most prestigious heritage status is the Unesco World Heritage Site. A heritage site is an official location where pieces of political, military, social or cultural history have been preserved due to their cultural history value. Such sites are usually protected under the laws of the host nation but the status is awarded by a team from Unesco who review suitable sites, submitted by Party States, annually .

Currently there are 1,052 World Heritage Sites located in 165 Party States. Of this number, Kenya hosts six sites: Fort Jesus, Lamu Old Town, Sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forests, Great Rift Valley, Lake Turkana National Park and Mount Kenya National Park/Forest. Several other sites have been submitted for consideration and are on the Tentative List, awaiting ratification.

Strangely enough, World Heritage Sites trace their origins to the construction of the Aswan Dam mega project in Egypt in 1954.

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Kenya: Fort Jesus to get a $3.9M facelift; Fred Oluoch; Geeska Afrika

Fort Jesus in Mombasa County, one of Kenya’s famous historical monuments will benefit from a $3.9 million restoration project that will see it receive a major facelift.

The seafront of the 16th century fort is currently being eroded by rising tides, which are also chipping away at its coral foundation and compromising its structural integrity. The facelift will increase the shoreline by reclaiming two acres from the ocean.

The project, which will take two years, is a reaction to the recent study by Unesco warning that heritage sites and landmarks such as Fort Jesus in Mombasa, the Vasco da Gama Pillar in Malindi on the North Coast, and the Old British Customs House in Vanga, Msambweni County on the South Coast — all situated on the seashore — face an uncertain future due to rising sea levels.