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All you need to know about the Puglia region in Italy; Wanted In Rome

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The ultimate guide to the Italian region of Puglia. Dreamlike bays, stone villages, olive groves, wilderness, unique architecture and four UNESCO sites. Puglia is unrivaled.

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Gnome Houses of Alberobello; Jack Guy; Trazee Travel


The southern Italian town of Alberobello is far from the tourist trail, but those that do make it there are in for a treat. Since 2006 the town has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, attracting a growing number of visitors. Alberobello is famed for its gnome-like houses known as trulli. There are around 1,500 of them in the town, making for a distinctive look.

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Limestone homes that boggle the mind; Phyllis Wong; Borneo Post Online

In Alberobello, South of Rome, Phyllis Wong finds the enchanting fairytale-like trulli and the streets on which they stand too perfect that they lack real life. “DO Snow White and the seven Dwafts stay in these houses?” a little girl asked Phyllis at the eye clinic the other day while she was browsing through the pictures she took in Italy on her iPad.

Source: Limestone homes that boggle the mind – Borneo Post Online