Best Day Trips from Florence; Megan Jerrard; Mapping Megan

Once you’ve had your fill of Florence, plan for extra time to explore the rest of the Tuscany region! Check out these epic day trips from Florence Italy!

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Free Tours of Siena ‘Contrade’: 17 Stories /One Story; Magenta Florence; Republica

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The most luxe places for a short break in Tuscany; Anna Conrad; GQ

The region’s idyllic, lush country terrain, dedication to seasonal food and love of high culture have made it one of the most sought-after wedding destinations and road trip breaks in Europe.

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5 of the best day trip from Florence; Heather Cowper; Heather On Her Travels

As Florence in Italy gets more crowded each year, Heather Cowper recommends 5 of the best day trips from Florence to other places in Tuscany; Lucca, Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano and Cinque Terre…

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6 gorgeous travel spots for the best ‘eat, pray, love’ holiday of your life; Ophelia Wu; SCMP

These destinations, as varied as Cambridge, Kyoto and Koh Samui, among others, offer plenty by way of great cuisine, rest and relaxation, and spiritual escape – the three fundamentals of a satisfying trip…

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11 Amazing Day Trips from Florence; Alyssa Ochs; Trips To Discover

Italy is a bucket list destination for travelers around the world, and many people either start or end their journeys…

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Best places to stay in Tuscany 2019 [without a car or with it]; Stef Ferro; MEL365 Travel & Photography

Where are the best places to stay in Tuscany without a car(or with it)? Stay in one accommodation or multiple with an more to make the most of Tuscany with itineraries…

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Best Day Trips from Florence – Our Top Recommendations; Lina Stock; Divergent Travelers

Get out of the city with our guide to the best day trips from Florence. Head into Tuscany with our top recommendations, travel tips and suggested tours.

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Via Francigena: The Ultimate Walking Tour in Tuscany; Dave; Go Backpacking

A walking tour in Tuscany along the Via Francigena, an old pilgrimage trail from Canterbury to Rome, is an excellent way to discover the region.

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Siena: 2-Hour Walking Tour with Duomo and Il Campo; Get Your Guide

Travel back in time and discover one of the most prominent cities of the Middle Ages on a 2-hour waling tour of Siena. See the main attractions of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, including the stunning cathedral (Duomo) and Piazza del Campo.

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Italy’s 10 most stunning landscapes; Jo Mackay; A Luxury Travel Blog

There’s no doubt about it… Italy is one breathtakingly beautiful country. From the rocky mountains of the Dolomites to the craggy hilltop medieval towns dotted around Tuscany and Umbria, to the dazzling seas and whitewashed towns of Puglia — there’s no shortage of picturesque backdrops to your holiday snaps. But if you’re finding it difficult to whittle destinations down, we’ve compiled perhaps the world’s prettiest bucket list for you to work your way through on your Italian adventures. Lake Como It’s been a popular destination since the aristocracy travelled there in the Roman era — and it’s not hard to…

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Where To Stay and Eat, What To Do In Florence and Tuscany, Italy; Sarah; Point Me to the Plane

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Visiting the Grand Cathedrals of Italy; Bill De Giulio; Wander Wisdom

Italy – Historic Centre of Siena

It should come as no surprise to even the most casual traveler that Italy is home to some of the world’s grandest and most beautiful churches. They can be found across the country from Sicily in the south to the most northern reaches of the country. Built centuries ago without the modern tools of today, the craftsmanship and attention to detail are unlike anything built in the modern era. Designed by the greatest architects of their time, and often built over periods lasting from decades to centuries, these cathedrals stand today much as they did in medieval times. While they are all still a place to worship, many contain amazing works of art drawing visitors from around the world. The seven cathedrals listed here are only the ones that I have had an opportunity to personally visit, certainly there are others waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

7 Grandest Cathedrals in Italy

St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

Cathedral of Milan

St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice

Duomo of Florence

Cathedral of Siena

Cathedral of Monreale, Sicily

Cathedral of Pisa

1. St. Peter’s Basilica

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The best area to stay in Siena; Benjamin Thomas; TravelTipy

Italy – Historic Centre of Siena

If you’re planning a trip to Tuscany, make a stopover to Siena! Discover with us the best areas to stay in Siena!

Famous city of Tuscany, Siena is a cultural center of northern Italy, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Staying in Siena for a night or two is one of the best things in Tuscany. The city is home to a population of only 54 543 inhabitants on 118 km² and the supply of accommodation can quickly be reduced: as well book your accommodation in advance. A former Roman colony founded by Emperor Augustus, the city was founded in the 7th century BC. Siena was in the Middle Ages a powerful rival of Florence and is therefore home to many historic buildings, religious and civil. The streets of this city are therefore appreciated by visitors to offer them all that is unique: the authenticity of Italy and aesthetics in all its splendor.

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The technocrat and the Europhobe: Siena race is test of Italy’s future; Benjamin Dodman; France 24

Italy – Historic Centre of Siena

Siena, home of the world’s oldest bank, has been left-wing terrain since the fall of Mussolini. But as Italy heads to the polls, the bank’s tribulations have bolstered a right-wing economist who plans to oust the finance minister and ditch the euro.

A week from Italy’s March 4 general election, the woes of a bank founded back in 1472 are high on the minds of voters in this picturesque town, nestled in the rolling hills of Tuscany. On paper, Siena is a safe seat for the ruling Democratic Party (PD), located at the heart of a “red” region that has voted communist for decades and is now governed by the centre-left. But many here are furious at the way politicians have run the city’s more than five-century-old bank into the ground.

That is why the Democratic Party has picked Finance Minister Pier Carlo Padoan, the man who engineered the state rescue of the Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS), to stand for election here – and why the right-wing opposition is fielding a eurosceptic candidate who hopes to pinch Padoan’s seats in both parliament and government.

Siena’s crown jewel

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Take A Memorable Florence Bike Tour With Wine Tasting Through Tuscany; Deanna; Honey And Lime

Italy – Historic Centre of Siena

We took a Florence bike tour with wine tasting while in Italy and loved it! Ride through the hills on a Tuscany bike tour and enjoy Italian Chianti.

How would you like to bike the rolling hills of Tuscany in Italy, taking in the scenery and visiting various popular sites, all while sampling some of their delicious Italian made wines? This sounds like a dream, but it is a reality with bike tours lead by Bike Florence & Tuscany! We were in Italy a couple of months ago, spending a few days in Venice, then taking the train to Florence for a few days. Florence bike tours with wine tasting are definitely my speed, so we had to try one out!

Exploring Tuscany by bike was such an exhilarating experience!

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Adventures in Italy: Day 7; Kelly Anderson; Travel Blog

Italy – Historic Centre of Siena

I am off to explore the town of Siena, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, known as the best conserved town in all of Europe. This tour is optional with GCT and only a small portion of our group decided to go, many having been there before, my husband Dave decided to try to rest hoping his eye would heal.

On the hour long bus ride to Siena we passed fields of harvested wheat, barley and farrow and a few grapes still clinging to the vines. Vibrant orange and red berries of pyracantha cascaded along walls. Hunters prowled the fields with their guns and dogs across the recently tilled red clay fields. The Val d’ Orcia soil is clay-based but a lighter color clay than the red clay of the Chianti region.

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