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Here Are 10 Places Best For a Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Mumbai; India.com


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Climate Change: a Threat to World Heritage Sites; Oishimaya Sen Nag; World Atlas

All around the world, climate change is threatening World Heritage Sites. The Elephanta Caves are no exception.

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Elephanta Caves: Where the caves talk of history and a rich cultural legacy; Apurva Srivastava; Mumbai Live

Rich in history and a cultural legacy, Mumbai has some famous tourist locations around. The city has much to offer to those who love to explore. One place worth visiting when in Mumbai include the Elephanta Caves amongst many other iconic sites. These caves have been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage sites in 1987. Established more than 3,000 years ago, the Elephanta Caves (also known as the Island of Gharapuri) are rock-cut archaeological remains of the temples built on an island north-east of the Gateway of India.

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A Visit to the Elephanta Caves; Shona Adhikari; My Digital FC

Seeing the famous Elephanta Caves is often on the list of many visitors to Mumbai. However, the effort of having to take an hour long ferry ride from the Gateway of India, often ends with this visit being shifted down the list and often cancelled altogether. The trip to Elephanta can also be rather formidable for elderly history visitors anxious to see the caves. Reaching the jetty, a visitor has to walk up 120 steep steps from the shore beach to reach the main cave. For them there is however, a tourist toy train for those who prefer not to walk.

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Things to do in Gharapuri or Elephanta caves in Mumbai; Bhavna Baja; Tripoto

India – Elephanta Caves

Things to do in Elephanta Caves – Planning an amazing trip to Elephanta Caves, Mumbai? Find details of popular things to do in Elephanta Caves, fun, adventurous and exciting activities to do in Elephanta Caves at Tripoto…

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How to Reach Elephanta Caves; India.com

India – Elephanta Caves


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Bored In Mumbai? Go Beyond The Ordinary And Spend The Weekend Cave Hopping; Dipanwita Chakraborty; Tripoto

India – Elephanta Caves

Caves in India are a proof of architecture and way of life during pre-historic times. Once you visit these places, you would never come back unimpressed by the stories depicted through their rock carvings that attribute to their splendid architecture.

I, for one, have always appreciated the rich culture and heritage of our country and crave to know more about it. This makes me push myself off my own comfort zone and travel places. However, when not travelling, I simply get out into my backyard to walk through its overlooked alleyways where we can find history buried behind the blocks of high- rises and shanties of its slums.

Mumbai has its own list when it comes to caves and if you are a history buff, go cave hopping in Mumbai during weekends and you get the dose of bygone days up and close.

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Forms Of Shiva At Elephanta Caves & The Stories They Tell; Anuradha Goyal; Inditales

India – Elephanta Caves

Rock Cut Elephanta Caves – located on an island close to Mumbai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has remains of the exquisite sculptures of Shiva.

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