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Prambanan Temple; Lonely Planet

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Tourists visit Prambanan temple in Central Java Province, Indonesia; Xuxin; Xinhua

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YOGYAKARTA ITINERARY: 8 Best Things to Do; Asta Alvarez; The Poor Traveler Itinerary Blog

Asta Alvarez was ecstatic. She breathed in the afternoon air and whispered, “Hello Jogja! We meet again.” From Jakarta, her plane landed at Adisucipto International…

Source: YOGYAKARTA ITINERARY: 8 Best Things to Do | The Poor Traveler Itinerary Blog

Yogyakarta Travel Guide 2019 Blog: Things To Do, Sample Itinerary, Travel Tips And More!

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Once in shambles, these Jogja temples are now UNESCO World Heritage sites; Srinidhi Gopalakrishnan; ANI

The beautiful Indonesian city of Yogyakarta, bustling with cultural centres, is famed for its two historical temples- Borobudur and Prambanan- both on the recommended must-see places for visitors.

Source: Once in shambles, these Jogja temples are now UNESCO World Heritage sites

A Review of Amanjiwo in Indonesia; Ravi Ghelani; The Points Guy

Borobudur, Indonesia, has been high on Ravi’s list of sites to visit for some years — and so has the Amanjiwo hotel. Even if you haven’t heard of the Aman brand, you’ve probably seen it on social media, as everyone from the Kardashians to Diane Kruger has stayed at their properties and raved about it. …

Source: A Review of Amanjiwo in Indonesia

Medieval Indonesia’s Prambanan Hindu Temple; James Blake Wiener; Brewminate

Prambanan (Javanese: Rara Jonggrang) is a Hindu temple dating from the 9th century CE located near Bokoharjo, on the island of Java in Indonesia. Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia …

Source: Medieval Indonesia’s Prambanan Hindu Temple

Top 10 best things to see & do in Indonesia; Luxury Travel Expert

Here are 10 spiritual, cultural, natural and adventure-fuelled reasons why Indonesia should be your next holiday destination.

Source: Top 10 best things to see & do in Indonesia – the Luxury Travel Expert

Indonesia Bucket List: 50 Things to Do; Be My Travel Muse

From the best mountains to conquer, to the most amazing tropical islands; from the popular attractions, to hidden spots that are off the beaten path – this is the only Indonesia bucket list you will need for your next adventure.

Source: Indonesia Bucket List: 50 Things to Do – Be My Travel Muse

Discovering Yogyakarta: Why it’s Indonesia’s most intriguing city; Janice Sim; Buro24

Indonesia – Prambanan Temple Compounds

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the mystical city of Yogyakarta

It’s easy to take our neighbouring country, Indonesia, for granted — because we’re bounded by such close parameters. The truth is, there are many facades waiting to be uncovered. For starters, Indonesia stands as one of the largest countries in the world, boasting 17,500 spectacular islands and a population sprawled across 300 ethnicities and 700 languages. Some of the places commonly known: the capital city and port of modernisation, Jakarta; Raja Ampat, the diver’s dream destination; Bintan and Batam, the quick resort getaway for city folks — where rambunctious nights with your party crew can be easily orchestrated. And then there is Yogyakarta, an overlooked hub on the island of Java. Venture in, and you’ll discover its true idenity as the apex of arts, culture and profound history of Indonesia, as well as a destination brimming with endless potential. They don’t tout it “Neverending Asia” for no good reason — here lies the top splendours of the enigmatic city.


Behold, the world’s largest Buddhist temple to date. 

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10 Incredible Things to Do in Yogyakarta on Your Very First Trip; Beatrice Tan; Tripzilla

Indonesia – Prambanan Temple Compounds

Forget Bali or Bintan, and discover one of Indonesia’s hidden gems.

Indonesia is a popular vacation destination that remains absolutely inviting to tourists all year round. Be it the white sandy beaches of Bali, the crystal clear blue waters of Bintan, or the interesting architecture and bustling city centre of Jakarta, the allure of this country is truly inexplicable. However, look beyond the idyllic beach paradise and financial heart of the country, and you will find a hidden gem that is often overlooked – the beautiful city of Yogyakarta!

Affectionately known as Jogja, Yogyakarta is located on the island of Java and can, in fact, be described as the cultural heart of Indonesia itself!

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Hindu temples at Prambanan and the world’s largest Buddhist shrine reveal fascinating slice of Indonesia; Charukesi Ramadurai; The Economic Times

Indonesia – Prambanan Temple Compounds

The sun began to set and the yellow electric lights of the theatre came on at the Prambanan temple complex near Yogyakarta (locally known as “Jogja”) in Indonesia. I was there to watch the famous Ramayana ballet that takes place every night. In summer, the performance is in the open-air theatre, against the backdrop of the towering temples. But since it was cold, we had settled into the cosy indoors.

The orchestra at the back of the stage — complete with local versions of the mridangam and the harmonium — began to strum traditional tunes, signalling the start of the show. Having grown up with the epic, I was not sure what to expect, but I was looking forward to a new interpretation. As it turned out, the performance — with over 200 actors in traditional costume — was fascinating.

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25 stunning churches, mosques, and temples around the world; Megan Barber; Curbed

Indonesia – Prambanan Temple Compounds

Whatever your faith, these are simply stunning

The architecture of houses of worship varies according to time and place, ranging from hilltop chapels built in the 10th century to geometric modernist designs of glass and steel.

While many pay tribute to the beautiful landscape around them, other churches or temples use intricate craftsmanship—think colorful sculptures or woodworking—to encourage meditation and mindfulness.

History plays an important part in these spaces, especially in the renovation or even reconstruction of holy buildings after persecution and war.

A tour around the world in search of the most beautiful houses of worship shows that despite the immense differences in architecture, the ability of humans to create beautiful, holy places transcends geographical and sectarian boundaries. Behold, 25 of the world’s prettiest churches, mosques, and temples.

Las Lajas Sanctuary in Colombia

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Perfect Southeast Asia Backpacking Routes for Filipino Couples; Pam Baroro; Tripzilla

Want to take travel to a whole new level? Try out these perfect Southeast Asia backpacking routes with your significant other!

Truly, there is nothing better than being able to explore the world with your best travel buddy, your significant other, beside you. If you are up for something a little more adventurous and would not mind being away for more than a few days to get a glimpse of the rest of Southeast Asia, here are our most recommended routes for you.

Note: Most of these routes are extensive and take time to explore. You can do it in a much shorter time but it would mean skipping on some places or being constantly on the run, which is not exactly the best idea of a “vacation”. Enjoy!

The Philippines

Estimated Duration: 2 weeks to 1 month

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