Why Croatians love scoffing lambs’ heads and like using ‘bogs’ a lot; Jay Akbar; The Sun

ENGLAND take on Croatia tonight in the country’s biggest World Cup match since 1966. To try and ease the nerves ahead of the crunch semi-final in Moscow, here’s a lowdown on our opponen…

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Croatia Itinerary: The best 1 week in Croatia; Cory Varga; You Could Travel

With long coastlines, home to over a thousand islands and crossed by the Dinaric Alps, it’s easy to see why it was difficult to spend only 1 week in Croatia. We want to share our Croatia itinerary…

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New route makes it easy to zip over to Zagreb for a charming city break — and to see the astounding natural treasures nearby; Billy Ryan; Buzz.ie

Zagreb, the Croatian capital at the banks of the Sava river is a bustling city which can rival any of Europe’s capitals for a charming city break.

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5 Must See Places In Dubrovnik; Vaughn & Lauren; The Travel Manuel

Dubrovnik is a classy, sophisticated and romantic destination that has plenty to offer the discerning traveller.

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Where to Stay in Dubrovnik – A Guide to the Best Neighborhoods; Andrea Pisac; The PlanetD

Croatia – Old City of Dubrovnik

Finding where to stay in Dubrovnik can be difficult and you need to be equipped with the right tools. It’s a choice that can color your whole experience of this ravishing UNESCO-protected historic town.

We’ve partnered with Dubrovnik local Andrea Pisac and created this guide to help make those things easier for you.

In the last few years, Dubrovnik has become one of the most desirable travel destinations. I have seen this magical city at the height of the season when thousands of tourists swarm inside the Old Town.

But I also know how special it feels during quieter times. This is when you can bond with its charms and stories in a more personal way.

The thing is, you can avoid the crowds even during peak times if you choose the right neighborhood to stay.

Some people won’t mind masses of tourists in the Old Town. Because, the truth is, staying in a 16th century stone palace is special, no matter how crowded the streets get.

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Offbeat European Cities to visit this summer!; Shipra; Live from a Lounge

Croatia – Old City of Dubrovnik

Summers are perhaps the best time to visit Europe, and everyone is already firming up their vacation plans. While the typical tourist hotspots such as Paris, Rome and Barcelona will continue to attract millions, the LFAL team put our collective experience together to enlist unique places to go to and quaint towns that you should put on your radar for a healthy dose of scenic beauty, culture and history.

Here are our top picks of European cities to visit this summer that will make you dream of Europe long after you come back from your trip.

Annecy, France

4-hours by train from Paris lies Annecy in southeastern France. This quaint town is nestled on the banks of the beautiful Lake Annecy and overlooks the snow-capped French Alps. It’s almost like you are in Switzerland, but you are still in France.

Rent a bike and spend the day cycling around the lake. Take a stroll along the canals.

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Too Popular Cruise Destinations Realize They Have to Set Limits; Wallace Immen; Cruisington Times

Croatia – Old City of Dubrovnik

You, the night and a gondola. It’s a description of a popular evening excursion from cruise ships in Venice. And it certainly sounds appealing–until you realize that the blissfully romantic experience may actually be shared with another couple in a gondola that’s threading through a canal in a convoy of other gondolas.

Mass tourism is a reality not only in Venice, but in once-pristine locales around the world. You name it: sunrise at Taj Mahal, sunset at Angkor Wat, or even a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro will be less a memory of a personal dream realized and more a struggle to elbow through the crowd to  get a good camera angle for a selfie.

Over-tourism has gone from a debate to a call for action at popular destinations around the world. At a recent cruise industry forum accepted part of the blame and are looking for solutions to keep tourism sustainable.

“What we’re talking about is more sustainable tourism, doing it in a better way,” said Richard Fain, chairman of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.  at the  Seatrade convention in Florida.

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Dubai to Croatia flights are launched in time for summer; Darragh Murphy; Time Out

Croatia – Old City of Dubrovnik

Four planes a week will take off for the European destination

Get ready to experience the gorgeous landscapes of Dubrovnik – the airline flydubai has launched flights to Croatia for summer.

The city is located on the spectacular coastline of the Adriatic sea and is known for its Old Town, which is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Four planes a week will take off for the European destination between today and October 25 this year. Fares are available from Dhs1,245 return.

Cruise lines’ Dubrovnik deal seen as way to combat overcrowding; Tom Stieghorst; Travel Weekly

Croatia – Old City of Dubrovnik

FORT LAUDERDALE — Carnival Corp. CEO Arnold Donald said a new agreement in Dubrovnik, Croatia, illustrates how fears about crowding in favorite tourist areas can be managed by the cruise industry.

Speaking as part of a CEO panel at the Seatrade Cruise Global convention here, Donald took the occasion to disclose that major cruise lines have agreed to coordinate their schedules this summer in Dubrovnik.

That could mean some ships arrive later or depart earlier to keep their time in port from coinciding, or it could mean moving some ships to arrive during the week rather than on weekends.

The walled Old City of Dubrovnik was named a Unesco World Heritage site in 1979, but Donald said its mayor requested a meeting with cruise officials because it had been threatened with delisting by Unesco.

Donald and other cruise officials met several times with mayor Mato Frankovic, most recently in January when an agreement was apparently reached.

“In the end, our guests don’t want to go to a place that’s overcrowded,” Donald said.

Source: Cruise lines’ Dubrovnik deal seen as way to combat overcrowding: Travel Weekly

Things to do in Dubrovnik; Fiona Smith; House And Garden

Croatia – Old City of Dubrovnik

Fiona Smith explores Croatia’s magnificent walled city and its neighbouring Adriatic islands

Sunlight dances on the deep blue ocean between the forested island of Lokrum and the white-stoned, red-roofed buildings that make up Dubrovnik Old Town. George Bernard Shaw asserted, ‘Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik,’ and the view afforded from the terrace at Villa Orsula, which was once home to local nobility, is appositely blissful. The boutique hotel is located just a five-minute stroll from the iconic walled city – a Unesco World Heritage site. Perfumed by the scent of wild jasmine, its grandiose architecture includes the gothic-renaissance sixteenth-century Sponza Palace, the Venetian-gothic Rector’s Palace and the baroque Church of St Blaise.

A more contemporary cultural touchstone is the television series Game of Thrones, extensively filmed round the old town. While lowering the average age of visitors, it heralded an influx of mega cruise ships, the passengers of which can choke up the cobbled streets during high season.

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