Gerry Barker: Carnival Miracle Visit to Guatemala (Antigua); Ava/Gerry Barker; AllThingsCruise

After two days at sea, including a driving overnight thunderstorm with unbelievable lightning, Gerry Barker arrived at this Central American country famous for its Mayan heritage, coffee, sugar cane and volcanoes. “Quetzal” refers to the famous, vibrantly-colored Central American bird of the same name, the national bird of Guatemala and also the name of its currency. This is his first time to experience Guatemala, which plays hosts to over 100 cruise ship visits yearly.

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History, disasters, and resilience: The story of Antigua Guatemala; Barbara Minguez Garcia & Rodrigo Donoso Arias; World Bank Blogs

The World Bank has been working on Disaster Risk Managment with Guatemala’s national and local authorities and agencies since 2006.

Source: History, disasters, and resilience: The story of Antigua Guatemala

Exploring Antigua, Guatemala Rent-Free; Lucy Brown; International Living

A few miles from the UNESCO World Heritage Site and picturesque, colonial city of Antigua in the Guatemalan highlands, Lucy Brown was staying in an elevated bright..

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Affordable options make Antigua, Guatemala, a budget traveler’s favorite; Bob Wieting; LA Times

Good hotels for a little as $50 for two plus reasonable meals make the colonial city doable.

Source: Affordable options make Antigua, Guatemala, a budget traveler’s favorite

Top 15 Things to Do in Antigua, Guatemala; Green Global Travel

The Top 15 Things to Do in Antigua, Guatemala, including tips on how to get from Guatemala City to Antigua and the best hotels in Antigua.

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Guatemala partners with UNWTO to launch Sustainable Tourism Observatory; eTurboNews

The new Observatory is located in the city of La Antigua Guatemala, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a leading tourism destination. Led by the Instituto…

Source: Guatemala partners with UNWTO to launch Sustainable Tourism Observatory | Buzz travel | eTurboNews |Travel News

Antigua: Central America’s most charming city; Lucy Sherriff; CNN


Cobbled streets, colonial Spanish architecture, nearby volcanoes and perfect weather all year make Antigua, Guatemala, a superb travel spot. Could it be Central America’s most charming city?

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World’s Most Beautiful Holy Week Celebration: Antigua Guatemala, A UNESCO World Heritage Site; Lea Lane; Forbes


A superb destination year-round, but especially at Easter Time…

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How to travel to Guatemala in the wake of the Fuego Volcano eruption; Lola Mendez; Matador Network

Your tourism dollars are needed.

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A Guide to Antigua, Guatemala: A Candy-Colored City Framed by Volcanoes; Michaela Trimble; NY Times

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Guatemala Unmasked: The Centrepiece of Central America Tours; Christian Baines; Goway

Harbouring lush jungles and colourful history, a visit to Guatemala on Central America tours is one you can’t afford not to take during your lifetime.

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Guatemala’s oldest colonial city Antigua bans plastics; Deutsche Welle

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Enjoy the Tranquility of a Magical Valley…at 5,000 Feet; Polina Molchanova; International Living

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A guide to Antigua, Guatemala; Carol Cain; Expedia Viewfinder

Traveling to the heart of Mayan culture in Antigua, Guatemala for an unforgettable vacation.

Source: A guide to Antigua, Guatemala | Expedia Viewfinder

The Most Amazing (but Budget-Friendly) Honeymoon Destinations; Emily Co; Pop Sugar

Guatemala – Antigua Guatemala

After the ring, prewedding events, and the big day itself, you might feel like there’s not much left over in your budget for a romantic honeymoon. Don’t worry – the trick is finding the right destinations and knowing the right times to go. To help you plan your much-deserved trip after your wedding, we turned to travel experts who gave the scoop on the best honeymoon destinations that won’t break the bank for couples on a budget.

Antigua, Guatemala

“History and architecture buffs will fall in love with the city of Antigua with its cobblestoned streets, Spanish Baroque influences, and colonial churches,” says Travelocity’s Courtney Scott. The city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Local Sights in Antigua

“Enjoy roaming the open-air markets for artisan products and local delicacies, and hop on a shuttle to head to Guatemala City or Monterrico Beach,” says Scott.


“If you want to do European beaches, consider Croatia,” says Danielle Contray of Budget Travel. “The island of Hvar sits in the Adriatic and has miles of beaches plus medieval architecture and great nightlife.” Not to mention, she says, that you’ll be able to find hotels under $100.

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Guatemala’s Coolest City – Things to do in Antigua Guatemala; Hannah Lukaszewicz; Getting Stamped

Guatemala – Antigua Guatemala

With its cobbled streets and baroque-influenced colonial architecture, Antigua Guatemala is a vibrant UNESCO world heritage site with a diverse population of locals and expats from around the world. Your biggest worry when visiting Antigua is that you may not want to leave. I went for 2 weeks and stayed for 8 months! Once the capital of Central America Antigua may be geographically small but it is full of things to do in Antigua from volcano hiking to partying with locals in an empty pool!


The first thing you will notice about Antigua is that it is quite literally surrounded by Volcanoes. It would be rude not to hike at least 1. The most dominant volcano in the skyline is Volcan Agua, this is also the only one you should not attempt to hike. To the west of the town, you will see 2 connected Volcanos. Volcan Acatenango and Volcan Fuego. If you have a good level of fitness and are up for a challenge I urge you to do an overnight hike to Acatenango, book online here for $90. 

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Best destination wedding locations to say “I do”; Lauren Rothman; TimeOut

Guatemala – Antigua Guatemala

Planning your out-of-town nuptials? Consider these romantic destination wedding locations all around the world

The time has come to say the vows and you and your soon-to-be-forever mate want to have your bash in an unforgettable place: a destination wedding awaits you. You’ve got the romance down already: You’ve stayed in the most romantic hotels in Americatogether, dined at the most romantic restaurants in NYC and around the country, and escaped on the most romantic getaways in America. It’s time to make your official union just as unforgettable as the rest of your relationship. So fly to one of these amazing spots on our list of best destination wedding locations in the world and get ready to say “I do!” in style.

Destination weddings around the world

Kauai, Hawaii

Among domestic (sorta) wedding destinations, few places can rival Hawaii, where pristine sands, turquoise waters and fruity cocktails beckon the bride, the groom and all of their guests. Known as the Garden Island, Kauai is our pick for a nuptials celebration: smaller than its sister islands and populated by fewer people, Kauai boasts a more authentic “old Hawaii” feel.

Source: Time Out United States


Guatemala – Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala is crazily beautiful in all the ways you’d imagine a Central American country to be.

You’ll see brightly painted chicken buses overloaded with passengers, blaring reggaeton tunes and firing their horn like it’s going out of fashion. But this country is as tranquil as it is colorful. The people, so warm and welcoming, bring a sense of calm that is contagious, and the scenery is spiritual in its beauty. And no place is better to experience all that Guatemala has to offer than the traveler haven, Antigua.

Antigua is like finding an old jumper that you haven’t worn for a while – it fits perfectly and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. The town is small enough to navigate easily, which means that it quickly becomes familiar, and you can’t help but feel at ease as you stroll among its cobbled streets. Centuries-old Spanish architecture and crumbling churches sit amid vibrant markets, inviting restaurants, bohemian cafés and countless bars. The towering peaks of the surrounding volcanoes provide a perfect backdrop, and are easily accessible for day trips or longer hikes.

Fancy sunrise from the top of a volcano? How about toasting marshmallows on lava?

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Rent in Antigua, Guatemala from $220 a Month; Lucy Brown; International Living

Guatemala – Antigua Guatemala

Globetrotters fall in love with history-steeped cobblestone streets, lined with colorful houses set against a backdrop of vibrant Maya culture and dramatic volcanic scenery.

This is La Antigua, Guatemala, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, colonial city, and former capital cradled in the Panchoy Valley between three majestic volcanoes in the central Guatemalan highlands.

The city has a prolific volunteer and traveler scene as well as a thriving expat community as many visitors find life so enticing here they decide to make Antigua their part-time base or permanent home. This happened to me.

Like many before me, I came to Antigua to study Spanish as I’d heard the locals here spoke with a clear accent.

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Taste of Antigua: Mayan influence drives rising food scene; Margo Pfeiff; San Francisco Chronicle

Guatemala – Antigua Guatemala

The morning sun has barely peeked up, but Antigua’s Mayan farmers’ market is already swarming with action, a chaotic kaleidoscope of vendors in vivid traditional clothing selling their produce. Guiding me through the Technicolor maze, chef Kenny Aldana points out neon-orange cashew fruit; avocados, mangoes and melons of all sizes and shapes; edible flowers; fresh fish; and meats including bizarre displays of dried iguanas.

Bags filled, we return to the El Convento boutique hotel where Aldana holds court in the kitchen. At noon he delivers a market-sourced gourmet feast — chicken bathed in a luscious sauce of pepitoria (traditional roasted and ground squash seeds) with local izote flowers, baby zucchinis and a slice of jicama-like ichuntal lightly battered and fried, perched in a puddle of tomato puree with mild chile. Each flavor is astonishingly rich and strong.