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the walls of rhodes; Markabol; Blipfoto

Source: Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Daniela Caputo’s Destinations: Island-hopping in Greece – Rhodes; Suburban

Rhodes, is an island in Greece located in the eastern Aegean Sea, and is the largest urban centre on the island. Rhodes is located northeast of Crete and southeast of Athens.

Source: Daniela Caputo’s Destinations: Island-hopping in Greece – Rhodes

48 hours in . . . Rhodes, an insider guide to the Island of the Knights; Helen Iatrou; Telegraph

Read Telegraph Travel expert guide to Rhodes, including the best places to stay, eat, drink as well as the top attractions to visit, and all of the information that you need to know before you go.

Source: 48 hours in . . . Rhodes, an insider guide to the Island of the Knights

Rhodes Old Town Magnificent Greece; Chris & Mary; A Greek Adventure

Planning for Rhodes, Greece? Explore Rhodes Old Town and reveal its hidden treasures. This island is about the Templar Knights and hidden history.

Source: Rhodes Old Town Magnificent Greece – AGreekAdventure World Travel Blog

Rhodes, Island of Wonders: An intensive Guide; Alexia Amvrazi; Greek City Times

It was past midnight, Alexia Amvrazi was cradling her extremely sleepy four year-old while stifling her own yawns, and looking forward to nothing but the soft bed awaiting her at Hermes Hotel, as the taxi drove them from the ferry boat to Mandraki marina. Upon arriving at the atmospherically lit harbour, lined with high Medieval walls, she sat up in awe.

Source: Rhodes, Island of Wonders: An intensive Guide

The Old Town of Rhodes; Olga Charami; Greece Is

Greece – Medieval City of Rhodes

Medieval walls enclose an enchanting microcosm, a place where different eras, cultures and architectural styles meet.

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Succumbing to the charms on the Greek Island of Rhodes; Michael Muckian; Wisconsin Gazette

Greece – Medieval City of Rhodes

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The Basics – Rhodes for Beginners; Greece Is

Greece – Medieval City of Rhodes

Your crash course on the Isle of the Knights: its sights, beaches and some of its more unusual inhabitants.

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Rhodes and Tilos are the perfect island double act for a romantic autumn getaway; Julian Robinson; Daily Mail Online


  • Tourists can avoid searing heat, high prices and huge summer crowds by visiting Greece in the autumn
  • Trips to both Rhodes and the smaller neighbouring island of Tilos make for contrasting holiday experiences
  • Unesco World Heritage Site of Rhodes Old Town has cultural history stretching back thousands of years
  • Tilos is a tranquil haven with secluded beaches, wild flowers, remote monasteries and sublime sea views

Standing at the back of the high speed ferry and watching Rhodes dip below the horizon, it was easy to see why locals call the sea the ‘endless blue’.

For any voyage between the Greek islands and across the vast Aegean somehow feels like its own mystical odyssey.

We were off on our own mini-adventure, leaving the bustling Old Town of Rhodes for a lesser-known destination – the tiny island of Tilos.

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