90-year anniversary since St Kilda islanders requested evacuation; Shropshire Star

Members of the remote community wrote to the secretary of state for Scotland asking for help on May 10, 1930.

Source: 90-year anniversary since St Kilda islanders requested evacuation

A wildlife visit to the remote St Kilda; Polly Pullar; Scottish Field

Source: A wildlife visit to the remote St Kilda – Scottish Field

Stunning images of £5.5m visitor centre for remote island off Scotland; Tom Pyman; Daily Mail

Stunning images have been revealed of a tourist attraction dedicated to St Kilda, the picturesque island which was evacuated in 1930 due to extreme weather conditions…

Source: Stunning images of £5.5m visitor centre for remote island off Scotland

Two ‘jobs of a lifetime’ are up for grabs on a remote island in Scotland – here’s how to apply; Conor Marlborough; Yorkshire Post

Staff are being sought to relocate to St Kilda in a rare opportunity to live and work on an uninhabited Scottish island.   What are the jobs and how can I apply? The National Trust for Scotland, which has owned the island since 1957, is seeking both an archaeologist and a seabird and marine ranger…

Source: Two ‘jobs of a lifetime’ are up for grabs on a remote island in Scotland – here’s how to apply – Yorkshire Post

17 abandoned islands around the world and the eerie stories behind them; Shelby Slauer; Insider

From mysterious murders to volcanic explosions, abandoned islands across the globe have captivating back stories.

Source: 17 abandoned islands around the world and the eerie stories behind them

Hebridean Heaven – cruise in May 2021; National Trust for Scotland

Noble Caledonia are delighted to offer a specially arranged island-hopping voyage in support of the National Trust for Scotland.

Source: Hebridean Heaven – cruise in May 2021 | National Trust for Scotland

St Kilda islands surveyed for first time in decades; Bird Guides

Boreray and Soay, which are rarely visited by humans, were included in this year’s bird transects.

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First bird surveys in a decade on remote islands; BBC

A team of scientists carried out the work in some of the hardest-to-reach locations in the UK.

Source: First bird surveys in a decade on remote islands

Plan for St Kilda centre moves forward; BBC

A site 41 miles away in Lewis has been proposed because of the protected status of the remote islands.

Source: Plan for St Kilda centre moves forward

St Kilda named one of ‘the most beautiful places in Europe’; Brian Ferguson; Scotsman

St Kilda, the remote cluster of islands lying more than 40 miles off the coast of the Outer Hebrides, have been named one of the most beautiful places in Europe by one of the world’s leading travel bibles.

Source: St Kilda named one of ‘the most beautiful places in Europe’

St Kilda: The remote archipelago steeped in history and full of heritage; Frances Rougvie; Press and Journal

A short film has shown what life on the island of St Kilda was like in 1908.

Source: St Kilda: The remote archipelago steeped in history and full of heritage | Press and Journal

How you can spend an “unforgettable” summer on one of Scotland’s most remote islands; Alison Campsie; Scotsman

It would be a summer like no other – in a place like no other.

Source: How you can spend an “unforgettable” summer on one of Scotland’s most remote islands

7 Of The Most Beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Cynthia Matts; Idea Digezt

UK – St Kilda

An organization of the United Nations called UNESCO has a special task of finding, protecting, and preserving various sites or heritages around the world which are of cultural and natural importance and are considered to be of outstanding value to humanity. By this, an international treaty called the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage was adopted by UNESCO in 1972. Originally, there were only 12 entries to UNESCO’s World Heritage list but now, there are more than 1,000 sites all over the world, given that approximately 25 global sites are added to the list each year. Nonetheless, each of the sites in the list holds an outstanding universal value and are very stunning in their own, unique ways. Here are seven of the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  1. Kilda, Scotland

Along the western coast of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides lies the cliff-dotted archipelago St. Kilda with its breath-taking ocean views and unique ecosystem. There is a lot of mystery surrounding St. Kilda—even the origin of its name remains disputed.

Source: 7 Of The Most Beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites | Idea Digezt

New St Kilda Viewpoint to bring history of island closer; Alison Campsie; Scotsman

UK – St Kilda

The creation of the St Kilda Way, which is due to bring people closer to the abandoned archipelago that sits on the “edge of the world”, has taken a major step forward.

A group in North Uist has received outline planning permission to build the St Kilda Viewpoint near Balemartin on the slopes of Beinn Riabhach.

Those behind the Sealladh Hiort project claim North Uist has the best views of St Kilda, whose community was finally evacuated in 1930, from anywhere in the inhabited outer Hebrides.

The centre will offer a dramatic vantage point of St Kilda, which sits around 45 miles out into the Atlantic, with hopes to use technology – including infrared and a webcam – to connect the two sites when the poor weather inevitably rolls in.

The centre will be one of three in the Outer Hebrides to form the trail.

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A Trip to St. Kilda, Scotland’s Lost Utopia in the Sea; Fergus McIntosh; New Yorker

UK – St Kilda

For centuries, residents of the tiny archipelago scratched out a living for themselves amid its forbidding cliffs. Then, all at once, they left.

In 1877, George Seton, a visitor to the tiny Scottish archipelago of St. Kilda, observed that the men living there had an unusual physiological characteristic. “The great toes of the cragsmen are widely separated from the others, from the circumstance of their frequently resting their entire weight on that part of the foot in climbing,” Seton wrote. These men with prehensile feet were residents of the most remote settlement in the British Isles, forty miles out in the North Atlantic, where seabirds, garnered from the towering cliffs, formed the major part of their diet. A hundred years after Seton, another visitor wrote that “even today a boat setting out for St. Kilda is by no means assured of reaching its destination.”

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Hirta Island Ghost Town; Atlas Obscura

UK – St Kilda

The last inhabitants of St Kilda were evacuated in 1930.

Though St Kilda had been inhabited for more than 2,000 years, it’s been abandoned since 1930. When the last residents of the United Kingdom’s remotest islands requested evacuation to the mainland, they left behind a traditional Scottish coastal village which now lies in ruins.

St Kilda is a small North Atlantic archipelago of four islands 40 miles west of its nearest neighbors, Na h-Eileanan Siar, (the Outer Hebrides) in Scotland. Beyond St Kilda, the next land westward is Labrador, Canada. Home to one of the world’s largest colonies of puffins, and a small military installation, this remote outpost was once the base for a thriving community, most of whom lived in the now-ruined village on the island of Hirta.

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St Kilda UNESCO World Heritage Site; MichelleDeanSharding; Go 4 Travel Blog

UK – St Kilda

St Kilda is one of the most remote archipelago of islands located on the north west coast of Scotland. This year the National Trust for Scotland prepares to celebrate 60 years of caring for the dual World Heritage Site. The St Kilda UNESCO World Heritage site islands are known around the world for their dramatic cliffs and large seabird population, as well as capturing the interest of people across the globe.

Visiting St Kilda UNESCO World Heritage Site

St Kilda History

In 1930, the last St Kildans left the island of Hirta.


The islands are a twitcher’s paradise with a seabird population of over half a million birds, together with its own sub-species of wren. The islands are also home to the mouse.

Celebrating 60 years with The National Trust for Scotland

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Experts meet to boost profile of globally-important sites; Joe Churcher; Press and Journal


Experts will gather in Aberdeen today to discuss how to boost the profile and impact of world-renowned areas of the north and north-east.

Representatives of Scottish historic, cultural and natural sites significant enough to warrant United Nations designation are meeting to compare notes.

They include Unesco world heritage sites such as St Kilda and Orkney’s neolithic remains, the Shetland and North East Highlands geo-parks and Wester Ross – recently designated a biosphere reserve.

Aberdeen’s ancient collection of burgh records was recently chosen to be included in its UK Memory of the World Register.

The Granite City get-together has been convened by the UK National Commission for Unesco (UKNC).

It will look at the latest research on the value of world heritage sites to the economy as well as educational initiatives and tourism.

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